1 Creation; composition.

The City Council shall create by ordinance a Parks and Recreation Board consisting of five or more Members to be appointed by the Council for terms as specified by said ordinance.

(Election of 11-9-1971)

2 Powers and duties.

[1.]    The Parks and Recreation Board shall have the following powers and duties:

1.    As trustee or trustee and successor in interest to its predecessor in interest for the City of Phoenix, to receive, accept or acquire by grant, gift, bequest or devise, property of every kind, real, personal or mixed, wheresoever situate, in fee, trust or otherwise, subject to any provisions made by the donor of such grant, gift, devise or bequest, or to the terms of any trust instrument by virtue of which the property may have been acquired.

2.    To establish operating policies for recreational facilities and services within and without the City as the developing public recreation needs may require.

3.    To enter into contracts to grant concessions, licenses and permits for the use of the recreational facilities of the City and to contract with others for the use of recreational facilities needed by the City.

4.    To establish schedules of charges for miscellaneous recreational facilities and to advise the City Council on fees to be set by Council on golf courses, tennis centers and swimming pools.

5.    To advise the Council concerning recreational needs and recommend acquisition, location, and nature of facilities to meet said needs.

6.    To receive and consider the proposed annual budget for parks and recreation purposes during the process of its preparation and make recommendations with respect thereto.

7.    To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by ordinance not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.

2.    There is hereby appropriated an annual sum to be specified by the Park Board not in excess of Eight Cents ($.08) on each One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of the assessed value of all real and personal property of the City of Phoenix as assessed for City taxes, which said sum shall be included annually in the budget of the City of Phoenix, and a levy made therefor. The Park Board must expend annually from any amount so specified an amount equal to One Cent ($.01) on each One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of the value of all real and personal property of the City of Phoenix as assessed for City taxes for the purpose of improving the parkways of the City and acquiring and planting additional trees and shrubbery on the parkways of the City. Additional appropriations may be made from the general City funds.

(Election of 11-9-1971)