1 To be chief official of City; duty to enforce ordinances.

The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the City, and ex-officio chairman of the Council, and shall see that the ordinances thereof are enforced.

2 Annual and periodic reports to Council.

The Mayor shall annually and from time to time give the Council information relative to the affairs of the City, and recommend for its consideration such matters as he may deem expedient. He may annually submit to the Council a program budget.

(Election of 11-4-1975)

3 Legal recognition as official head of City.

The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the City by the courts for the purpose of service of civil process upon the City and the instituting of any action or proceeding at law or equity for and in behalf of the City, and appearing in any manner before the courts on behalf of the City; he shall be recognized by the governor and other State officials as the chief and official head of the City.

4 Authority during emergency.

A.    The Mayor shall govern the City during times of great emergency and shall make proclamations necessary rising out of that emergency. Any violation of proclamations made pursuant to this authority shall be a misdemeanor.

B.    During the absence or disability of the Mayor or when the Office of Mayor is vacant, the Vice-Mayor shall act as Mayor under the provisions of Subsection A herein above.

C.    During the absence or disability of both the Mayor and Vice-Mayor or when the Offices of Mayor and Vice-Mayor are both vacant, the remaining Council Member who has most recently served in the Office of Vice-Mayor shall act as Mayor under the provisions of Subsection A herein above.

(Election of 11-9-1971; Election of 9-13-2005, Prop. 2, eff. 10-11-2005)

5 Right to appoint personal secretary.

The Mayor shall have the right to appoint his personal secretary and such personal staff as may be authorized by ordinance, who shall not be subject to the provisions of the Civil Service of the City of Phoenix, being Chapter 2, Article VI, of the Code of the City of Phoenix, 1969.

(Election of 11-9-1971)