1 When bond required.

Before entering upon the performance of the duties of his office, any officer of whom a bond is required by the Charter or by ordinance shall make and execute and file his official bond.

2 Those required to be bonded and amount of each bond.

The official bonds of the following named officers shall be in amounts as follows: The Manager, $20,000; the Auditor, $5,000; the City Clerk, $5,000; the City Assessor, $5,000; the City Treasurer, $50,000; the City Collector, $10,000.

Provided, however, that the Council may prescribe by ordinance bonds of the City Treasurer and the City Collector in greater amounts than herein prescribed for those officers.

3 Provision for bonding other officers and their deputies.

The Council may by ordinance require official bonds of other officers and their deputies and fix the amount thereof.

4 Conditions of bonds.

Official bonds required by this Charter, or by any ordinance of the City of Phoenix, shall be conditioned that the principal will well and truly, honestly and faithfully, perform the duties of his office, and will at all times account to the City or the proper officers thereof, for all moneys and property received or taken by him on behalf of the City, and at the expiration of his office, or termination thereof, he will promptly surrender to his successor in office, or to such officer as may be designated by the Council, or his superior officer, all the books, records, papers, documents, property and paraphernalia belonging to or used in said office, or in connection therewith, together with a complete inventory and statement of such property so to be turned over by him.

5 Surety required.

Every official bond shall be executed with two (2) or more good and sufficient sureties who shall qualify in form as is required by law for the qualifications of sureties upon bonds of county officers. Instead of two (2) or more sureties as above prescribed, such bonds may be executed with a properly qualified surety company as surety; in such cases the premium to be charged therefor shall be paid by the City.

6 Where bonds to be filed; approval to be attested by Mayor.

The official bonds shall, after approval by the Council be filed with the City Clerk and safely kept by him; except the bond of the City Clerk which shall be filed with and kept by the City Treasurer. The approval of bonds must be endorsed thereon or appended thereto and attested by the Mayor.

7 Oath.

Before entering upon the duties of his office, each officer of the City, whether elected or appointed under the provisions of this Charter, or under any ordinance of the City, shall take and subscribe an oath of office, in the form of the official oath required by the constitution. The oath so taken and subscribed, if by an official required to give a bond, shall be endorsed upon or attached to the bond; if by an official not required to give a bond, such oaths shall be filed with and kept by the City Clerk.