Chapter 6

600.    General Provisions. +1

601.    Zoning District Map.

602.    Prior Zoning Districts.

603.    Suburban S-1 District—Ranch or Farm Residence.

604.    Suburban S-2 District—Ranch or Farm Commercial.

605.    Residential Estate RE-43 District—One-Family Residence.

606.    Residential Estate RE-24 District—One-Family Residence.

607.    Residential R1-14 District—One-Family Residence.

608.    Residence Districts.

609.    RE-35 Single-Family Residence District.

610.    R1-18 Single-Family Residence District.

611.    R1-10 Single-Family Residence District.

612.    R1-8 Single-Family Residence District.

613.    R1-6 Single-Family Residence District.

614.    R-2 Multifamily Residence District. *11

615.    R-3 Multifamily Residence District. *12

616.    R-3A Multifamily Residence District. *16

617.    R-4 Multifamily Residence District. *17

618.    R-5 Multifamily Residence District. *22

619.    Residential R-4A District—Multifamily Residence—General.

620.    Residential Office R-O District—Restricted Commercial.

621.    Commercial Office C-O District—Restricted Commercial.

622.    Commercial C-1

623.    Commercial C-2 District—Intermediate Commercial.

624.    Commercial C-3 District—General Commercial.

625.    B3—Special Commercial.

626.    Commerce Park District.

627.    A-1 Light Industrial District.

628.    A-2 Industrial District.

629.    RH Resort District.

630.    Residential Infill R-I District—Multifamily Residential.

631.    High-Rise H-R District—High-Rise and High Density District.

632.    High-Rise H-R1 District—High-Rise and High Density District.

633.    High-Rise Incentive District—High-Rise and Mixed Use District.

634.    Mid-Rise District.

635.    Planned Area Development.

636.    Planned Community (PC) District.

637.    Planned Shopping Center (PSC) District.

638.    Regional Shopping Center (RSC) District.

639.    Parking P-1 District—Passenger Automobile Parking, Limited.

640.    P-2 Parking.

641.    Golf Course (GC) District. +1

642.    Urban Residential (UR) District. +1

643.    Downtown Core (DC) District (Deleted). -1

644.    Airport Noise Impact Overlay (AIO) District. +1

645.    W—Warehouse Overlay District (Deleted). -1

645.1.    Reserved. +1 -2

646.    Capitol Mall Overlay District. +1

647.    Special Permit Uses.

648.    Uses Not Permitted Within Corporate Limits.

649.    Mixed Use Agricultural (MUA) District.

650.    The Historic Canal-Side Restaurant Overlay District.

651.    Baseline Area Overlay District. +1

652.    Arcadia Camelback Special Planning District Camelback Road Overlay District. +1

653.    Desert Character Overlay Districts. +1

654.    North Black Canyon Overlay District. +1

655.    Rio Salado Interim Overlay (RSIO) District. +1

656.    Central City South Interim Overlay (CCSIO) District. +1

657.    FH-Flood Hazard and Erosion Management District. +1

658.    Deer Valley Airport Overlay (DVAO) District. *1

659.    Planned Shopping Center Overlay District +1

660.    Four Corners Overlay District +1 *32

661.    South Phoenix Village and Target Area B Design Overlay. +1

662.    Interim Transit-Oriented Zoning Overlay District One (TOD-1).

663.    Interim Transit-Oriented Zoning Overlay District Two (TOD-2).

664.    North Central Avenue Special Planning District (SPD) Overlay District.

665.    Seventh Avenue Urban Main Street Overlay (SAUMSO) District.

666.    East Buckeye Road Overlay (EBRO) District.

667.    Reserved.

668.    Summary List of Special Planning and Specific Plan Overlay Districts.

669.    Arts, Culture and Small Business Overlay (ACOD) District. +1

670.    Reserved.

671.    Planned Unit Development (PUD). +1

672.    Hatcher Road Overlay (HRO) District.+1

For the purpose of this ordinance, the City of Phoenix is hereby divided into use districts as follows: Residential RE-35, one-family residence; Residential R1-18 District, one-family residence; Residential R1-10 District, single and multifamily residence; Residential R1-8 District, single and multifamily residence; Residential R1-6 District, single and multifamily residence; Residential R-2 District, multifamily residence limited; Residential R-3 District, multifamily residence restricted; Residential R-3A District, multifamily residence limited; Residential R-4 District, multifamily residence limited; Residential R-5 District, multifamily residence, general; Commercial Office C-O District, restricted, commercial; Residential Infill R-I District, multifamily residential; High-Rise H-R District and High-Rise H-R1 District, high-rise and high density district; High-Rise Incentive District—High-Rise and Mixed Use District; Mid-Rise District; Suburban S-1 District, ranch or farm residence; Suburban S-2 District, ranch or farm commercial; Planned Shopping Center (PSC) District; Regional Shopping Center (RSC) District; Commercial C-1 District, neighborhood commercial district; Commercial C-2 District, intermediate commercial district; Commercial C-3 District, general commercial district; Commerce Park (CP) District, A-1 Light Industrial District; A-2 Industrial District; Parking P-1 District, planned passenger vehicle accessory parking district; Parking P-2 District, planned passenger vehicle parking district; Planned Community (PC) District; Resort Hotel (RH) District; Special Conservation (SC) District, and Historic Preservation (HP) District.


Editor’s note—Ord. No. G-5599, (TA-4-11), § 1, adopted March 23, 2011, effective April 22, 2011, amended portions of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Phoenix, Arizona, to reflect the consolidation of the Planning Department with the Development Services Department and change all references to the department name to Planning and Development Department.


Editor’s note—Ord. No. G-4596, § 1, adopted April 14, 2004, effective May 14, 2004, renumbered the Four Corners Overlay District from Section 656 to Section 660. The purpose of this renumbering was an error that occurred in the adoption of Ord. No. G-4493 (TA# 18-00-8) adopted February 12, 2003, which numbered the Four Corners Overlay District as Section 656. There was an already existing Section 656, The Central City South Interim Overlay District, which shall remain as numbered.