641 Golf Course (GC) District. +1

A.    Purpose and Intent. The purpose of the Golf Course District is to permit golf courses including accessory uses and activities that recognize the unique relationship such courses have within a community, allowing commercial recreational opportunities while providing a desirable open space amenity. The longterm viability of the use and continued compatibility with adjacent uses is encouraged through the provisions of this section.

B.    Permitted Uses.

1.    Golf course, public or private.

2.    Accessory uses.

a.    Clubhouse facilities which may include, but not be limited to a pro shop, administrative offices for the golf course, and a snack bar—indoor or outdoor and less than two thousand square feet in area.

b.    Driving ranges: No lighting for nighttime use shall be permitted except as may be allowed in conjunction with a driving range approved in accordance with the special permit provisions of Section 504.1. All safety netting or screens located on the golf course, except as may be allowed in accordance with a special permit, shall be subject to use permit approval in accordance with Section 307.

c.    Parking lots in compliance with the requirements set forth in Section 702.

d.    Maintenance facilities: Outdoor storage of equipment and materials shall be limited to that necessary for golf course use only and shall be screened from adjacent residential zoning districts. Facilities or storage located within three hundred feet of a residential district shall be subject to use permit approval in accordance with Section 307. A use permit shall not be required when development of the golf course and maintenance facilities precedes adjacent residential development and when said residential development, along with the golf course and maintenance facilities, are part of a master planned development.

e.    Restaurants (including outdoor dining) and bars that may include indoor/outdoor live music, entertainment, and dancing subject to use permit approval in accordance with Section 307

C.    District Requirements.

1.    Maximum building height shall not exceed two stories or thirty feet. Requests to exceed the height limit may be granted by the City Council for development up to four stories not to exceed fifty-six feet upon recommendation from the Planning Commission or the zoning hearing officer that such additional height is not detrimental to adjacent property or the public welfare in general.

2.    Buildings and parking lots shall maintain minimum forty-foot setbacks from all perimeter lot lines.

3.    Walls or fences shall not exceed six feet in height within the required building setback. Walls or fences shall be made of block and wrought iron or other material as approved by the Planning and Development Department such that a minimum fifty percent of the wall surface remains open unless a solid wall is deemed necessary by the Planning and Development Department for screening or safety purposes.

4.    Maximum lot coverage shall not exceed five percent.

5.    Signage shall be in accordance with the "nonresidential activity in a residential district" provisions of Section 705. No sign, display or other exterior indications of an accessory use shall be visible from a public thoroughfare or adjacent property.

6.    Development review approval in accordance with Section 507 is required.

D.    Property Previously Developed With Golf Course Use.

1.    Property previously developed with golf course uses and not in conformance with the above use list or standards shall be considered to be conforming for purposes of future development which complies with applicable sections of this ordinance. Proposed alteration or expansion not in conformance with the above standards shall be made only in accordance with the provisions of chapter 9.

2.    Property developed with golf course uses prior to May 1, 1996, and which had underlying residential zoning may upon request of the property owner seek to transfer density to residential lots or parcels which adjoin said golf course property, or to lots or parcels which together with the golf course are part of a master planned development, as approved by the City Council at the time of rezoning to this district in accordance with Section 506. Adjoining lots or parcels receiving density shall have the consent of the property owner(s) and shall be incorporated into the golf course application, being appropriately zoned or rezoned to receive the density.

Date of Addition/Revision/Deletion - Section 641

+1 Addition on 5-1-1996 by Ordinance No. G-3921