664 North Central Avenue Special Planning District (SPD) Overlay District.

A.    Purpose. The North Central Avenue Special Planning District Overlay provides guidance in the review of development proposals within the North Central Avenue Special Planning District and to preserve North Central Avenue’s large lot, single family residential character.

B.    Applicability. The North Central Avenue Special Planning District Overlay applies to all R1-10 zoned properties that are contained within the SPD Overlay District boundary (See City of Phoenix Zoning Map). For church properties in the SPD Overlay District, the zoning provisions shall apply for a depth of 200 feet extending from the Central Avenue property line, that the Central Avenue lot width shall match the lot widths of properties across the street with a minimum width of 100 feet, but are not required to provide matching lot widths greater than 150 feet. These provisions apply to all new construction and additions that require building plans, and all new subdivisions and lot divisions that receive preliminary approval by the city after the effective date of the SPD Overlay District. Land within the Special Planning District shall be governed by the underlying zoning districts except as modified by this Ordinance.

C.    Use Regulations. All uses allowed by the underlying zoning district shall be permitted.

D.    District Regulations. The following table establishes variations to the current standards for the R1-10 Subdivision Option. The definitions of terms used in these standards are found in Section 608.D. Development standards that are not listed here shall follow the standards in the R1-10 Subdivision Option, Section 611.Table B. Variances to these regulations should also consider objectives of the Special Planning District Plan. To use a development option other than subdivision requires approval through the rezoning public hearing process, Section 506.B.

R1-10 Subdivision Development Standards for the North Central Avenue Special
Planning District



Minimum Central Avenue frontage for new lots created after the effective date of the overlay district

Minimum 100 feet of frontage (front, side, or rear yard)

Landscape and building setback on Central Avenue

40 feet

Building setbacks other than the landscape setback on Central Avenue

25-foot front,

25-foot rear,

10-foot sides applied to ground level,

20-foot sides applied to second level

Garage treatment

For garages with doors facing Central Avenue

Maximum 25% of total building facade may be used for attached and detached garages. Garages must have a minimum 10-foot setback beyond the main plane of house; setbacks are exclusive of porte-cocheres, covered walkways, porches, etc.

Walls and fences

Maximum height of 40 inches for solid walls within the 40-foot landscape setback along Central Avenue.(1) All other walls and fences shall conform to the requirements of Section 703

(1) Subject to a use permit approved in accordance with Section 307 of this Ordinance, view fences placed on a masonry wall shall not exceed a total of 54 inches in height for the front yard and not exceed a total height of six feet for the side or rear yards.

Date of Addition/Revision/Deletion - Section 664

Addition on 7-1-2004 by Ordinance No. G-4629, eff. 7-31-2004