Title 2


2.05    Purpose and Application

2.10    Definitions

2.15    Zoning Districts, Maps and Boundaries

2.20    SR Suburban Ranch Zone

2.25    Repealed

2.30    SH Suburban Homestead Zone

2.35    CAR – Commercial Agriculture Ranch Zone

2.40    GR General Rural Zone

2.45    Repealed

2.50    Repealed

2.55    CR-1A Single Residence Zone

2.60    CR-1 Single Residence Zone

2.65    CR-2 Single Residence Zone

2.70    CR-3 Single Residence Zone

2.75    CR-4 Multiple Residence Zone

2.80    CR-5 Multiple Residence Zone

2.85    TR Transitional Zone

2.90    CB-1 Local Business Zone

2.95    CB-2 General Business Zone

2.100    CI-B Industrial Buffer Zone

2.105    CI-1 Light Industry and Warehouse Zone

2.110    CI-2 Industrial Zone

2.115    Guest Ranch Regulations

2.120    MH Manufactured Home Zone

2.125    RV Recreational Vehicle Homesite Zone

2.130    MHP – Manufactured Home Park Zone

2.135    Park Model (PM) and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Zone

2.140    Off-Street Parking and Loading – Public Garages and Gas Stations

2.145    Signs, Billboards, Name Plates and Other Outdoor Advertising

2.150    General Provisions, Standards and Exceptions

2.151    Permits: Special Use, Special Density, Temporary Use and Special Event

2.155    Board of Adjustment, Variances and Appeals

2.160    Enforcement

2.165    Zoning Regulations Amendments

2.166    Rezonings

2.170    Comprehensive Plan, Specific Land Use Plans and Plan Amendments

2.175    Planned Area Development (PAD) Overlay Zoning District

2.176    Planned Area Development (PAD) Overlay Zoning District on and after February 18, 2012

2.180    Design Review Overlay (DRO) Zoning District

2.185    Outside Storage and Parking

2.190    Adult Oriented Businesses and Adult Service Providers

2.191    Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Off-Site Cultivation Location and Medical Marijuana Food Establishment

2.195    Outdoor Lighting

2.200    Site Plans and Reviews

2.205    Wireless Communications Facilities

2.210    Residential Photovoltaic Solar Energy Devices

2.215    Addressing and Street Naming

2.220    RU-10 Rural Zoning District

2.225    RU-5 Rural Zoning District

2.230    RU-3.3 Rural Zoning District

2.235    RU-2 Rural Zoning District

2.240    RU-1.25 Rural Zoning District

2.245    RU-C Rural Commercial Zoning District

2.250    R-43 Single Residence Zoning District

2.255    R-35 Single Residence Zoning District

2.260    R-20 Single Residence Zoning District

2.265    R-12 Single Residence Zoning District

2.270    R-9 Single Residence Zoning District

2.275    R-7 Single Residence Zoning District

2.280    MD Mixed Dwelling Zoning District

2.285    MR Multiple Residence Zoning District

2.290    AC-1 Activity Center Zoning District

2.295    AC-2 Activity Center Zoning District

2.300    AC-3 Activity Center Zoning District

2.305    O-1 Minor Office Zoning District

2.310    O-2 General Office Zoning District

2.315    C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District

2.320    C-2 Community Commercial Zoning District

2.325    C-3 General Commercial Zoning District

2.330    I-1 Industrial Buffer Zoning District

2.335    I-2 Light Industrial and Warehouse Zoning District

2.340    I-3 Industrial Zoning District

2.345    MH-8 Manufactured Home Zoning District

2.350    MHP-435 Manufactured Home Park Zoning District

2.355    PM/RVP-435 Park Model/Recreational Vehicle Park Zoning District

2.360    Multi-Purpose Community Master Plan (MP-CMP) Zoning District