Chapter 2.135


2.135.010    Uses permitted.

2.135.020    Plan approval required.

2.135.030    Streets.

2.135.040    Overall park development standards.

2.135.050    Space development standards.

2.135.010 Uses permitted.

A.  Park model (PM) and recreational vehicle (RV) park.

B.  Model complex with sales office as detailed on the submitted site plan and approved by the planning and development department.

C.  Recreation areas, facilities, laundry, rest rooms, offices, service buildings and storage yards; provided, that the only purpose of any such use is service to residents and guests of the subject park.

D.  Solar energy device, subject to the requirements set forth in Chapter 2.210 PCDSC.

E.  Wireless communication facilities, subject to the requirements set forth in Chapter 2.205 PCDSC. [Ord. PZ-C-005-12 § 2; Ord. 61862 § 2075C].

2.135.020 Plan approval required.

Prior to issuance of permits for construction or development of the PM/RV park, at least four copies of the park development plans shall be submitted to the planning and development department as required by Chapter 2.200 PCDSC and shall include the following:

A.  Name of park, legal description of property to be developed, ownership, name of developer, scale, north arrow, name of civil engineer or surveyor, date of plans and key map showing the location of tract.

B.  All PM/RV park spaces on the plan shall be clearly numbered for proper identification.

C.  In addition to the above requirements, no permit shall be issued until the sanitation facilities and water supply have been approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. [Ord. PZ-C-005-12 § 3; Ord. 61862 § 2076C].

2.135.030 Streets.

All streets within the PM/RV park shall be private. Installation and maintenance will be responsibility of the park owner. [Ord. PZ-C-005-12 § 4; Ord. 61862 § 2077C].

2.135.040 Overall park development standards.

A.  The site of the park model and recreational vehicle park shall be not less than 10 acres inclusive of rights-of-way, easements or dedications.

B.  The PM/RV park shall be screened from adjoining lots or parcels, not in PM/RV park use, by a solid fence or wall of not less than six feet in height. Fence or wall shall be constructed within six months from date of approval of the PM/RV park plans.

C.  Height: maximum height of any structure shall be 30 feet.

D.  Minimum front setback: 15 feet (main building and park perimeter setback).

E.  Minimum side setback: 10 feet (main building and park perimeter setback).

F.  Minimum rear setback: 10 feet (main building and park perimeter setback).

G.  Detached Accessory Structures.

1.  Maximum height: 30 feet.

2.  Minimum distance to front lot line: 15 feet.

3.  Minimum distance to side lot line: four feet.

4.  Minimum distance to rear lot line: four feet. [Ord. PZ-C-005-12 § 5; Ord. 61862 §§ 2078C – 2081C].

2.135.050 Space development standards.

A.  The minimum setback distance of park models and recreational vehicles from a space boundary shall be as follows:

1.  Front setback: five feet;

2.  Rear setback: five feet;

3.  Side setback: five feet;

except approved and permitted awnings on the entry side may be three feet.

B.  Each recreational vehicle space shall have an area of not less than 1,500 square feet and a width of not less than 30 feet.

C.  After December 30, 1992, each park model space shall have an area of not less than 2,000 square feet and a width of 40 feet in all new parks or additions to existing parks.

D.  Spaces having boundaries in common with two or more roads shall have a minimum setback from the nearest edge of the road of 20 feet to the park model/recreational vehicle’s entry side and five feet on the nonentry side. (See Figure A.)

Figure A

E.  Detached/Attached Accessory Structures.

1.  Maximum height: 20 feet.

2.  Minimum distance to front space line: five feet.

3.  Minimum distance to side space line: five feet.

4.  Minimum distance to rear space line: five feet.

5.  Any park model or recreational vehicle awning shall require a building permit and be constructed in compliance with adopted Pinal County building codes.

F.  A minimum of one parking space shall be maintained on all spaces within the park. The minimum parking space shall be 10 feet in width and 20 feet in length. [Ord. PZ-C-005-12 § 6].