Chapter 17.124


17.124.010    Limitations.

17.124.020    Fees.

17.124.010 Limitations.

Any variance granted under the terms of these regulations shall expire by limitation if substantial construction, in accordance with the plans for which such variance was granted, has not been completed within one (1) year from the date of granting said variance, or, if judicial proceedings to review the Board of Adjustment’s decision shall be instituted, one (1) year from the date of entry of the final order in such proceedings, including all appeals. (Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part): Ord. 90-82 § (1)(2321))

17.124.020 Fees.

A.    Appeals. There shall be no fee charged for filing an appeal concerning the interpretation or administration of these regulations. An advertising fee, in an amount to be established by the Director, shall be charged.

B.    Application for Variance. There shall be a nonrefundable fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00), plus an advertising fee in an amount to be established by the Director, charged for filing an application for any variance to these regulations. (Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part): Ord. 90-82 § (1)(2322))