Chapter 17.72


17.72.010    Purpose.

17.72.020    Provisions required within the PUD zone.

17.72.030    Types of planned unit development.

17.72.040    Special provisions.

17.72.010 Purpose.

A.    The purpose of the planned unit development zone is to provide for the development of subdivisions and other land use projects containing various dwelling types, necessary commercial center, off-street parking areas, unbuilt lot areas for recreation, and to preserve a rural atmosphere.

B.    Deviations from design standards for a specific zone or zones may be permitted provided unbuilt lot areas are developed and maintained for the use of the residents; and provided further, that the parcel size, soil conditions, terrain, ground cover and other significant natural features favor this type of development. (Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part))

17.72.020 Provisions required within the PUD zone.

Planned unit development segments are required within the planned unit development zone. A planned unit development will provide for:

A.    Careful application of design which shall be encouraged in order that a more functional, aesthetically pleasing and harmonious living and working environment may be achieved within the Town which otherwise may not be possible by strict adherence to the other chapters of these regulations. In all cases a planned unit development design shall, together with dwelling types and land use, complement each other and harmonize with existing and proposed land uses in the area.

B.    Submission of documents detailing the method of title conveyance, type of estate to be granted, method of maintenance of open areas and service areas, conditions of use of the open or recreation areas shall be made available to the Planning and Zoning Commission for its approval. (Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part): Ord. 90-82 § (1)(1602))

17.72.030 Types of planned unit development.

A.    Residential Planned Unit Developments.

1.    Residential planned unit development property uses may be designed to contain mixtures of single-family dwellings, and multiple-family dwellings including townhouses, condominiums, apartments or patio houses, either single or two (2) story. The proposed structures may be arranged individually, in groups, or in clusters, without regard to lot areas or immediate density, providing an appropriate amount of land is set aside under a common ownership of all the property owners for permanent recreation and unbuilt lot area uses.

2.    The purpose of the residential planned unit development is to provide for residential development wherein variation in the lot size, dwelling types and unbuilt lot area about them is warranted due to topography or other considerations.

3.    The owners or authorized agents of a site may submit to the Director a plan to develop the entire site as a residential planned unit development.

4.    The plan shall be referred to the Director for its review.

5.    The Director shall then present his or her report and recommendation and the plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission for recommendation to the Town Council.

6.    The recommendation of the Commission shall include the reasons for approval or disapproval of the plan, and if recommended for approval specific evidence and facts showing that the plan meets with the following:

a.    That the buildings shall be used only for single-family dwellings, two (2) family dwellings or multiple-family dwellings, customary accessory uses such as off-street parking and community facilities.

b.    That the average lot area per dwelling unit, exclusive of the area occupied by streets, shall not be less than that required by the zoning district regulation otherwise applicable to the site.

c.    That the proposed residential planned unit development will not adversely affect adjacent property or the permitted use thereof.

7.    The recommendation of the Commission may include reasonable conditions as deemed necessary to promote the purpose of these regulations including but not limited to the following:

a.    Yards and unbuilt lot area;

b.    Regulations of points of vehicular ingress and egress;

c.    Regulation of signs;

d.    Landscaping and maintenance thereof;

e.    Maintenance of grounds;

f.    Time limit within which the proposed residential planned unit development shall be developed.

8.    Building permits that are in accordance with the approved plan may be issued even though the use of land and the location of the buildings to be erected do not conform to the zoning district regulations otherwise applicable to the site.

9.    The establishment of the residential planned unit development may be accomplished in any rural or residential zoning district and not in any other zoning district.

10.    Amendments shall be processed in the same manner as the initial plan to develop a site as a residential planned unit development.

B.    Neighborhood Planned Unit Developments. When a neighborhood planned unit development is granted, the property uses may be designed to contain a range of dwelling types, necessary shopping center, off-street parking areas, parks, playgrounds, school sites and other community facilities. (Ord. 22-444 § 1; Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part): Ord. 90-82 § (1)(1603))

17.72.040 Special provisions.

A.    All uses shall be subject to the general provisions as prescribed in Chapter 17.104, except as herein modified, including but not limited to the following:

1.    Off-street parking, for residential planned unit developments, shall be required as set forth in Section 17.104.070.

2.    Signs: as determined appropriate by Commission action.

3.    No minimum lot size is established for planned unit developments which may be located in subdivisions, other residential and commercial areas, in which unbuilt lot area, recreational area and other facilities are provided.

B.    The following development standards shall apply to all planned unit developments:

1.    Building heights shall not exceed thirty (30) feet in height, unless otherwise approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in conjunction with a development plan. Thirty (30%) percent of the property, exclusive of roads and parking areas, shall be maintained as meaningful unbuilt lot area.

2.    All trash collection areas shall be enclosed with a fence or wall. Said fence or wall shall be subject to review by the Design Review Board.

3.    The minimum distance between one (1) story main buildings shall not be less than fifteen (15) feet. A two (2) story main building shall not be erected closer than twenty (20) feet to any other main building.

4.    No part of any building shall be closer than five (5) feet from the setback line as prescribed in Section 17.104.060. Where off-street parking is provided, a minimum distance of five (5) feet from this parking area shall be required.

5.    No individual sewage disposal system shall be permitted until a report has been received by the Town Council from the County Health Department, the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Pinetop-Lakeside Sanitary District, stating that such a system will be acceptable. All individual and community sewage disposal systems must be approved by the State and County Health Departments and the Pinetop-Lakeside Sanitary District.

6.    Water system shall be approved by State and County Health Departments and be of such adequacy to support fire hydrants of type and number as recommended by the appropriate fire department.

7.    All recreation areas shall be of a size, based upon the particular use, adequate to meet the needs of the anticipated population, and shall be arranged so as to be readily accessible to the residents of the development.

8.    Adequate and permanent access of each family dwelling shall be provided for pedestrians and emergency vehicles.

9.    A site plan conforming to the requirements of Chapter 17.84 shall be submitted to the Town.

10.    Any area shown on the final subdivision plat as a public or private street shall be constructed to standards as specified in the Town subdivision regulations and shall provide building setbacks as detailed in Section 17.104.060.

C.    Driveways may be constructed in the common ownership areas of the development to serve one (1) or more dwelling units.

D.    It is recommended that parking areas be provided close to each dwelling unit and access be provided via driveways.

E.    As part of the review process, the overall road and driveway layout will be checked to ascertain that provisions have been made for the public health and safety. (Ord. 15-393 § 1 (part): Ord. 99-167, § 1; Ord. 90-82 § (1)(1604))