1-8-2:    MAY HAVE AID:


In addition to the duties and powers of the Chief of Police as prescribed in the Charter, the Chief of Police shall have the following duties, powers and responsibilities:

(A) To preserve the peace; to arrest and take before the Judge of the City Court of the City of Prescott, or nearest Justice of the Peace or Magistrate, for examination, all persons who attempt to commit or have committed a public offense; and to prevent and suppress all affrays, breaches of the peace, riots and insurrections which may come to his knowledge.

(B) To attend regularly the City Court of the City of Prescott, and to obey all its lawful orders and directions.

(C) To take charge of all City prisoners. (Ord. 2279, 6-25-91)

(D) To serve all legal process and notices of the City Court of the City of Prescott in the manner prescribed by Law and to certify under his hand upon such legal process or notice the manner and time of service, or if he fails to make service, the reasons for his failure, and return the same without delay.

(E) To have control and charge over and to supervise the activities of the Police Department; to employ, train, discipline and discharge the members of said Department; and to maintain and be responsible for all property and equipment belonging to or used by the Police Department.

(F) To appoint, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, an assistant Chief of Police.

(G) To employ prisoners where possible who have been sentenced to imprisonment at such labor or occupation in or about the City buildings, City streets or other City property as he may deem necessary. (Ord. 2279, 6-25-91)

(H) To deliver to his successor in office all legal process, commitments or other papers or documents in his custody and relating to the office of the Chief of Police, and all the property and equipment of the Police Department. (Ord. 2279, 6-25-91)


The Chief of Police may, in the execution of the duties prescribed in Subsection (A) and (B) of Section 1 of this Chapter, command the aid of as many male inhabitants of the City as he deems necessary.

There is hereby created the office of the Assistant Chief of Police, who shall execute the office of Chief of Police at any time that a vacancy occurs therein or when so authorized by the Mayor and Council. (Ord. 429, 4-13-53)