Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Municipal court established – Jurisdiction.

2.50.020    Hearing officers.

2.50.030    Court fees.

2.50.010 Municipal court established – Jurisdiction.

There is hereby established in the town a municipal court which shall have jurisdiction of all violations of this code, other town ordinances, and jurisdiction concurrently with justices of the peace of precincts in which the town is located of violations of laws of the state committed within the limits of the town. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.50.020 Hearing officers.

The council may appoint one or more hearing officers to preside over civil traffic violation cases when the appointment of such hearing officers is necessary to assure prompt disposition of civil traffic violation cases. Hearing officers may hear and dispose of civil traffic violation cases under supervision of the town magistrate. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.50.030 Court fees.

A. The magistrate court is authorized to impose fees on persons found responsible and/or guilty, in order to recover costs to the court and/or the town. These fees shall be imposed in addition to fees otherwise assessable by statute or town code, and are set forth in Chapter 3.10 STC.

B. The town magistrate shall retain the power to waive all or any part of fee assessments if any of the following conditions apply:

1. The defendant is determined by the town magistrate to be indigent;

2. The fee imposed upon a defendant would cause an undue hardship on the defendant or the defendant’s immediate family; or

3. In the opinion of the town magistrate such waiver would be in the interest of justice. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]