Chapter 3.15


3.15.010    Scope of chapter.

3.15.020    Council approval – When required.

3.15.030    Town manager – Duties.

3.15.040    Alternative project delivery methods.

3.15.050    Surplus supplies and equipment.

3.15.060    State preemption.

3.15.070    Procurement involving federal funds.

    Prior legislation: Ords. 2004-13, 2006-17, 2014-095 and prior code §§ 3-4-4 through 3-4-11 and 3-4-13.

3.15.010 Scope of chapter.

This chapter shall govern the purchase of any goods or services for or on behalf of the town. This chapter is intended to supplement state and federal law; however, should applicable state or federal law provide more strict provisions regarding any proposed transaction, those more stringent provisions shall apply. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; prior code § 3-4-1.]

3.15.020 Council approval – When required.

Notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter, no purchases shall be made by or on behalf of the town without first obtaining town council approval in the following instances:

A. Where prior approval is required by state law or town code;

B. Where funds for the purchase are not provided in the budget as adopted;

C. When required by the policy and procedures as determined by the town manager;

D. When the amount of the purchase exceeds the town manager’s maximum purchase amount authority, which shall be set by the town council by resolution from time to time. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; Ord. 2002-03; prior code § 3-4-2.]

3.15.030 Town manager – Duties.

A. The town manager shall direct and control all purchases of goods and services made by or on behalf of the town. The town manager may delegate his or her administrative function.

B. The town manager shall approve or deny all purchase requests and shall report to the town council on any purchase requiring town council approval. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; prior code § 3-4-3.]

3.15.040 Alternative project delivery methods.

Any project constructed or financed may use any project delivery method set forth in ARS Title 34. Any job order contract pursuant to ARS 34-101 et seq. shall be permitted for a total individual project cost not to exceed $1,500,000. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; Ord. 2007-05 § 2. Formerly 3.15.085.]

3.15.050 Surplus supplies and equipment.

All departments and offices shall submit to the purchasing agent, at such time and in such form as shall be prescribed, reports showing all supplies and equipment which are no longer used or have become obsolete or worn out. The purchasing agent shall have the authority to sell all supplies and equipment which cannot be used or which have become unsuitable for town use, or to exchange the same for or trade in the same for new supplies and equipment in accordance with applicable state statutes. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; prior code § 3-4-12. Formerly 3.15.120.]

3.15.060 State preemption.

Notwithstanding any other portion of this chapter, in the event any purchase or contract falls within the definitions for limitations of ARS 34-201 et seq., as amended, the provisions, requirements and specifications of the relevant portions of the Arizona Revised Statutes shall supersede this chapter and control any such bidding procedures. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1; prior code § 3-4-14. Formerly 3.15.140.]

3.15.070 Procurement involving federal funds.

When procuring property or services under a federal award, the town must follow the guidelines of the grant as well as use its own documented procurement procedures which reflect applicable state, local, and tribal laws and regulations; provided, that the procurements conform to applicable federal law and standards found in C.F.R. 200.318, general procurement standards, through 200.326, contract provisions. [Ord. 2018-128 § 1.]