Chapter 10.05


10.05.010    Duty of police department.

10.05.020    Records of traffic violations.

10.05.030    Police department to investigate accidents.

10.05.040    Traffic accident studies.

10.05.010 Duty of police department.

A. It shall be the duty of the police department to enforce the street traffic regulations of the town and all of the state vehicle laws applicable to street traffic in the town, to issue citations and make arrests for traffic violations, to investigate accidents and to cooperate with the public works department and other officers of the town in the administration of the traffic laws in developing ways and means to improve traffic conditions, and to carry out those duties specially imposed upon such department by this title and the traffic ordinances of the town.

B. Any peace officer or duly authorized agent of the town may stop and detain a person as is reasonably necessary to investigate an actual or suspected violation of this title and to serve a copy of the traffic complaint for any alleged civil or criminal violation of this title. [Ord. 2014-090 § 3; prior code § 12-1-1.]

10.05.020 Records of traffic violations.

A. The police department shall keep a record of all violations of the traffic ordinances of the town or of the state vehicle laws of which any person has been charged. Such record shall accumulate during at least a five-year period, and from that time on the record shall be maintained complete for at least the most recent five-year period.

B. All forms for records of violations and notices shall be serially numbered. For each month and year, a written record shall be kept, showing the disposal of all such forms. [Ord. 2014-090 § 3; prior code § 12-1-2.]

10.05.030 Police department to investigate accidents.

It shall be the duty of the police department to investigate traffic accidents and to arrest and assist in the prosecution of those persons charged with violations of law, causing or contributing to such accidents. [Ord. 2014-090 § 3; prior code § 12-1-3.]

10.05.040 Traffic accident studies.

Whenever the accidents at any particular location become numerous, the police department shall cooperate with the town engineer in conducting studies of such accidents and determining remedial measures. [Ord. 2014-090 § 3; prior code § 12-1-4.]