Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Relating to park grounds and park property.

12.15.020    Relating to wild animals.

12.15.030    Relating to sanitation.

12.15.040    Relating to traffic.

12.15.050    Relating to recreation.

12.15.060    Relating to commercial activities.

12.15.070    Relating to miscellaneous activities.

12.15.010 Relating to park grounds and park property.

No person in a park shall:

A. Disfigure or remove buildings, structures or facilities; willfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, destroy, tamper with, abuse, displace or remove any building, bridge, table, bench, fireplace, railing, paving or paving material, waterline or other public utility or parts or appurtenances thereof; sign, notice or placard whether temporary or permanent; monument, stake, post or other boundary marker; or other structure or equipment, facility or park property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.

B. Enter any restroom or washroom to engage in any unlawful act or to use the facilities for other than their primary purpose; or use the restrooms or washrooms designated for the opposite sex, unless under six years of age and accompanied by an adult entitled to enter that restroom.

C. Dig, remove or damage soil, rock, stones, trees, shrubs or plants, down timber or other wood or materials, or make any excavation by tool, equipment, blasting, or other means or agency.

D. Construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary in character, or run or string any public service utility into, upon or across park land. This section is not intended to apply to shade tarps, umbrellas, and the like; nor is it intended to apply to temporary concession stands allowed by contract or permit. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-1.]

12.15.020 Relating to wild animals.

No person in a park shall:

A. Hunt, molest, aggravate, harm, frighten, kill, trap, chase, tease, shoot or throw missiles at any animal, or the eggs, nest, or young of any animal. This subsection shall not be construed so as to prohibit fishing by a person possessing a proper fishing license.

B. Give or offer, or attempt to give to any animal any food or tobacco, alcohol or other noxious substances.

C. Fish, fishnet, spear or catch in any manner fish in any waters in a park without proper licensing as required by the state of Arizona. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-2.]

12.15.030 Relating to sanitation.

No person in a park shall:

A. Throw, discharge or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the waters of any fountain, pond, lake, stream or other body of water in a park any substance, matter or thing, liquid or solid, which may result in the pollution of park waters.

B. Dump, deposit or leave any bottles, broken glass, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, cigarette butts, rubbish, waste, garbage or refuse, or other trash of any kind unless placed in the proper receptacles where provided; where receptacles are not so provided, all such rubbish or waste shall be carried off park premises and properly disposed of elsewhere.

C. Have a glass beverage container in his or her possession.

D. Throw, toss or otherwise propel, or either knowingly or recklessly break any glass object. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-3.]

12.15.040 Relating to traffic.

A. No person in a park shall violate any state or town motor vehicle law relating to traffic on highways, which laws shall apply to all persons, vehicles and bicycles while on park property; provided, that no person shall drive a vehicle in a park at a speed exceeding 15 miles per hour, except upon such roads as the town may designate, by posted signs, for speedier travel. No person shall drive a vehicle on any park area except the paved park roads or parking areas, or such other areas as may on occasion be specifically designated as temporary parking areas by the town.

B. No person in a park shall park a vehicle in other than established or designated parking areas, and such use shall be in accordance with the posted directions thereat.

C. No person in a park shall use roller-skates or ride upon or operate any skateboard, scooter or similar vehicle, whether motorized or person-powered, except that use of person-powered roller-skates, skateboards and scooters shall be allowed on the walkway in the lake park and other areas specifically designated for such use by the director.

D. The town may cause to be designated and posted any park area in which parking is prohibited for a limited or a permanent time. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-4.]

12.15.050 Relating to recreation.

No person in a park shall:

A. Swim, bathe or wade in any waters or waterways in a park, except in such waters and at such places as are provided therefor and specifically designated by the town as such, and in compliance with such rules and regulations as may be set forth or hereafter adopted by the director. Nor shall any person frequent any waters or places customarily designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, or congregate thereat, when such activity is prohibited by the director upon finding that such use of the water would be dangerous to the public health, safety or welfare.

B. Frequent any waters or places designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, or congregate thereat, except between such hours of the day as shall be designated by the director for such purposes for each individual area.

C. Operate, use or propel, on any waters in a park, any boat or other vessel which is powered by a combustion motor or engine, or which has attached to it in any way, whether operational or not, a combustion motor or engine. Under no circumstances shall any person use any raft, surfboard, inflatable mattress, sailboard or similar apparatus on any waters in a park.

D. Hunt, trap, or pursue wildlife at any time.

E. Process or explode or cause to be exploded any explosive or pyrotechnical device without a written permit from the director.

F. Camp, lodge or sleep therein during the hours the park is closed, unless special written permit be obtained 72 hours in advance from the director.

G. Hit golf balls or take practice swings with a golf club, or strike a simulated golf ball except at a municipal golf course, or at practice areas designated therein, or other areas set aside by the director for such purposes.

H. Play golf upon any municipal golf course without having paid the fees established by the director for that purpose.

I. Play golf without carrying a permit or fail to display such permit upon request by any authorized employee of the parks and recreation department or police officer.

J. Walk, play upon or otherwise use any park area designated for the purpose of playing tennis, unless such person is wearing flat, soft tennis shoes without raised heels of any kind; or skate or ride a bicycle, or drive any vehicle upon any tennis court; or give tennis lessons when such lesson or lessons are given for compensation or fees of any sort, except when lessons are offered as part of a recreation program sponsored by the town. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-5.]

12.15.060 Relating to commercial activities.

No person in a park shall:

A. Utilize any park property for any commercial or political purposes, except by permit issued by the director.

B. Expose or offer for sale any article or thing; station or place any stand, cart or vehicle for the transportation, sale or display of any article or thing. A regularly licensed concessionaire acting by and under the authority and regulation of the town, and vendors of food and refreshments who are in possession of a current vendor’s permit issued by the town are exempted from this provision.

C. Announce, advertise or call the public attention in any way to any article or service for sale or hire, except by such regulations as may be designated by the town.

D. Paste, glue, tack or otherwise post any sign, placard, advertisement or inscription, except by permit issued by the director.

E. Distribute or attempt to distribute business or commercial literature to persons, or place them upon vehicles, except in specifically designated areas or by permit issued by the director. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-6.]

12.15.070 Relating to miscellaneous activities.

No person in a park shall:

A. Bring or escort a dog or any other domestic animal or pet into any area within park boundaries that is clearly marked by signs bearing the words: “Domestic Animals and Pets Prohibited in This Area.” Even in areas where domestic animals are permitted, such dog, domestic animal or pet will not be permitted unless restrained at all times on a leash not to exceed eight feet in length and unless wearing a collar and displaying thereon a valid license. This subsection shall not be construed so as to prohibit the use of assistance animals by the disabled.

B. Build, or attempt to build, kindle or ignite a fire except in such areas and under such rules and regulations as may be designated by the town; or drop, throw or otherwise scatter lighted matches, burning cigarettes or cigars, charcoal or coals, or other flammable or flaming materials within any park area.

C. Enter an area posted as “Closed to the Public,” or posted “No Trespassing,” or use or abet the use of any area in violation of posted notices, except for those places and recreational activities therein permitted pursuant to STC 12.10.010.

D. Disturb or interfere unreasonably with any person or party occupying any area, or participating in any activity, under the authority of a permit, license or reservation.

E. Emit, eject or cause to be deposited any excreta of the human body, except in those places designated for such purposes.

F. Permit to be deposited and allow to remain in a park any solid excreta of a dog, domestic animal or pet, except in those places that may be designated for such purposes.

G. Gain admission to, attempt admission to, or make use of park facilities for which a charge is made without paying the fixed charge or admission, unless otherwise authorized by the director.

H. Interfere with any of the authorized participants of any game, contest or athletic event conducted on any playing field from the time the event starts until its conclusion, and any time in between.

I. Bring or permit horses, cattle or any other livestock in a park without advanced written permission from the director.

J. Use any combustion-powered remote-controlled watercraft in or upon any waters in a park, except at organized events which have been issued the proper permit by the director. [Ord. 2001-11; prior code § 15-3-7.]