Chapter 13.15


13.15.010    Permits.

13.15.020    Disposal of septage.

13.15.030    Septage disposal fee.

13.15.040    Billing.

13.15.050    Illegal discharge.

13.15.060    Domestic source.

13.15.070    Bond.

13.15.080    Requirements for septage haulers.

13.15.010 Permits.

No person shall discharge to or place in the town sewerage system any septage without a septage disposal permit issued by the director in accordance with this chapter. Application for a permit shall be made on a form prescribed by the director. The permit fee shall be $100.00. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-1.]

13.15.020 Disposal of septage.

Permit holders shall dispose of septage only at the SWTRF, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the director. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-2.]

13.15.030 Septage disposal fee.

All users of the septage receiving station shall pay a septage fee for the costs of sampling and accepting, treating and disposing of the septage through the wastewater system. The fee shall be $131.00 per each 1,000 gallons of available septage capacity of the septage hauling vehicle, regardless of the actual quantity of septage to be disposed. The fee shall be reviewed periodically by the department to ensure that it generates sufficient revenue to pay the costs of construction, operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the septage receiving station and the associated costs to treat the septage. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-3.]

13.15.040 Billing.

A. A permit holder shall pay septage fees through a monthly billing arrangement.

B. Any permit holder in arrears on a monthly billing may be required to provide a cash deposit or bond in a reasonable amount as determined by the director to continue monthly billings. The director may apply the deposit or bond against any amount unpaid 60 days after the date of billing. The director may terminate a monthly billing privilege at any time and require the hauler to pay at the time of delivery.

C. A user discharging through special authorization of the director shall be billed at the septage receiving station subsequent to the acceptance of the load and shall pay the fee prior to the discharge of the septage. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-4.]

13.15.050 Illegal discharge.

Any person who disposes of any septage in town facilities without a permit shall be liable for a permit fee of $1,000. In addition, violations of this section shall be subject to enforcement of penalties pursuant to Chapter 13.25 STC. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-5.]

13.15.060 Domestic source.

Every person who discharges septage to the SWTRF shall be responsible for protecting the residents of the town and the SWTRF by ensuring that the septage is from a domestic source. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-6.]

13.15.070 Bond.

The town may require a septage hauler to post a bond pursuant to STC 13.20.130(E). [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-7.]

13.15.080 Requirements for septage haulers.

A. A septage hauler shall use the SWTRF septage tracking form specified in the permit to record each load that is delivered to the SWTRF. Prior to discharge of septage, a septage hauler shall allow the town to sample and analyze the contents to ensure compliance with discharge limits and requirements. A septage hauler may provide a suitable sampling tap or equivalent appurtenance. A septage hauler may be required to suspend discharging septage until the analysis is complete. The town shall refuse authorization to discharge any septage that does not provide for the protection of the SWTRF, groundwater resources, effluent and industrial wastewater sludge disposal methods, and operating personnel.

B. It shall be the responsibility of a septage hauler to discharge septage in such a manner as to keep the area clean and free from spills or other debris. Any spills shall be promptly cleaned up at the expense of the septage hauler. [Ord. 2002-05; prior code § 16-3-8.]