Chapter 16.50


16.50.010    Submittals and procedures – Type 1 (grading plan).

16.50.010 Submittals and procedures – Type 1 (grading plan).

A. Scope. A Type 1 application for a grading permit requires a completed grading permit application, grading plan and grading statement. A survey sealed by a registered land surveyor is not required.

B. Grading Plan Requirements.

1. The existing and proposed finished grade of the area to be graded, based on spot elevations or two-foot contour interval maps;

2. The extent of graded areas, shaded and labeled “graded area,” and, where structures are to be constructed:

a. The existing grade at the primary building corners and proposed finished floor elevations; and

b. The proposed building heights, shown to conform to the building height contour line requirements;

3. The location of proposed mitigative measures, such as revegetation or retaining walls;

4. The exterior boundaries of the site;

5. Access roads and points of entry to the grading site.

C. Grading Statement. A written grading statement shall be submitted with an application for a grading permit. The statement shall include, where applicable:

1. A description of stabilization, erosion and drainage control measures;

2. The off-site disposal location and estimated quantity of earth material and vegetation to be removed from the site during grading;

3. Estimated starting and completion dates;

4. A description of the dust control method to be used during grading and until revegetation or stabilization has been completed.

D. Documents Preparation. Documents shall be prepared in accordance with this code.

E. Application.

1. The grading permit application, grading plan and other required materials shall be submitted for review to the town public works department.

2. When desired, a letter of intent to exercise the inspection certification option (refer to STC 16.70.010(B)) shall be submitted with the application.

3. The grading permit application shall be completed and signed by the owner or authorized representative.

4. Fees are payable to the town treasurer in accordance with the fees schedule adopted by town ordinance.

F. Application Review.

1. The grading sketch and statement shall be reviewed for consistency with applicable regulations and standards, and, if approved, a grading permit shall be issued within five working days of application.

2. If determined inadequate, the application shall be returned within five working days and the owner may resubmit, without additional fees, an amended grading plan or statement.

3. The town engineer shall require that plans and specifications be modified to make them consistent with this code or other applicable regulations. A grading permit may be issued with additional conditions.

G. Grading Permit Issuance and Expiration.

1. Issuance. Grading permits are issued by the town engineer. A copy of the grading permit and approved grading plan shall be kept in an easily accessible location on the site.

2. Expiration. A grading permit shall be null and void if the authorized work has not been completed within one year of permit issuance.

H. Grading Permit Extension and Reapplication.

1. Extensions. Upon written request by the permit holder, the town engineer may approve a one time 180-day time extension of a grading permit.

2. Reapplication. Reapplication for a grading permit may be made in accordance with this title. A new application and fee will be required. Assurances of additional conditions may be imposed by the town engineer on a permit, as a consequence of reapplication.

I. Changes to Grading Permit.

1. Hazardous Conditions. If drainage problems, flood hazards or other hazards occur that were not considered at the time the permit was issued, the town engineer shall require that any substantial engineering modifications be submitted in a report and that the grading design be modified.

2. Nonhazardous Conditions. If unanticipated nonhazardous conditions are encountered during grading and are beyond the scope of the grading permit, the permit holder may submit the necessary engineering modifications in a report to be reviewed and approved by the town engineer. [Ord. 2022-163 § 1.]