Chapter 16.70


16.70.010    Inspections and performance defaults.

16.70.010 Inspections and performance defaults.

A. General Inspections.

1. All grading which requires a permit shall be inspected by the town engineer in accordance with the grading permit:

a. The inspection schedule shall be prepared in accordance with the grading design manual. Fees shall be based on the inspection schedule and payable to the town in accordance with the fees schedule adopted by town ordinance;

b. The permit holder shall provide notification 24 hours prior to an inspection request, or as specified on the grading permit.

2. If the town engineer finds site conditions are not as stated in the approved grading permit conditions, the town engineer may order work authorized by the grading permit to stop until a revised grading plan has been approved.

3. Whenever grading work requiring town inspection is concealed by additional work without first having been inspected, the town engineer may require, by written notice, that such work be:

a. Exposed, for inspection by the town; or

b. Certified by the project civil engineer as being in conformance with applicable regulations.

B. Inspection Certification.

1. The owner shall retain a civil engineer to:

a. Perform the required grading construction inspections; and

b. Certify, upon notification of completion, that grading has been performed in conformance with approved plans and permit conditions.

2. The owner shall submit a letter of intent to invoke the certification option, which shall include a written agreement of certification responsibility from a civil engineer, with the grading permit application.

3. Inspection fees are waived, with the exception of the final grading inspection fee.

4. The civil engineer shall maintain project logs and records consistent with accepted engineering practice for a minimum of three years after project completion.

5. The town engineer may periodically inspect the grading to determine that adequate control is being exercised by the civil engineer.

6. The town engineer shall conduct a final inspection and the owner shall be liable for any corrective action deemed necessary.

C. Final Inspection of Rough Grade.

1. All rough grading shall be completed in accordance with the grading permit prior to final rough grade inspection by the town engineer.

2. The final inspection shall be conducted by the town engineer prior to issuance of a certificate of substantial grading conformance or release of grading assurances (if required). The permit holder shall provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to the town engineer when any phase of rough grading is ready for final inspection.

3. The town engineer may approve completed rough grading prior to completion of related work in cases of extreme hardship or where grading has been designed to be completed in phases; provided, that no hazards exist and a performance bond has been posted to ensure completion of remaining grading work of that phase.

4. The soil report and certification of sub-base requirements shall be submitted to the building official prior to any foundation inspections.

D. Final Grading Inspection.

1. All required grading work shall be completed in accordance with the grading permit prior to final grading inspection by the town engineer and issuance of a certificate of final grading approval.

2. Where the conditions of a grading permit include the establishment of vegetation or other final site grading work that extends beyond the expiration of the grading permit, the town engineer shall make a post-grading inspection within six months of permit expiration or as required by the grading permit.

E. Maintenance of Revegetation. The maintenance of revegetated graded areas shall be in accordance with STC 18.73.080 (Landscaping, Buffering and Screening Standards). [Ord. 2022-163 § 1.]