Chapter 16.80


16.80.010    Enforcement and penalties.

16.80.010 Enforcement and penalties.

A. Grading Permit Enforcement.

1. The enforcement of this title and conditions of the grading permit shall be in accordance with this section.

2. When the town engineer determines a substantial noncompliance with the conditions of the grading permit, the town engineer shall issue a stop work order and hold in abeyance, by written notice, the town review of other submittals related to the development project and the issuance of county permits for any aspect of the development project until remedial actions have received the written approval of the town engineer.

B. Stop Work Orders.

1. Whenever the town engineer determines that grading does not comply with this title or the grading permit conditions, or that the soil or conditions are not as stated on the permit, the town engineer may order the work stopped by written notice served on any person engaged in doing or causing such work to be done.

2. Any such person shall immediately stop such work until authorized by the town engineer to proceed with the work.

C. Penalties.

1. Failure to Obtain Grading Permit. Unless exempted by this title (refer to STC 16.20.010(D)), failure to obtain a grading permit prior to commencement of grading shall be a violation of this code pursuant to STC 1.05.100. However, the town engineer may issue an exception permit if the town engineer finds that an emergency existed which made it impossible first to obtain a grading permit.

2. Violations. A violation shall result in issuance of a stop work order and penalties in accordance with this title. Payment of a fine shall not relieve any person from complying with the requirements of this title. [Ord. 2022-163 § 1.]