Chapter 18.47


18.47.010    Purpose.

18.47.020    Industrial use category definitions.

18.47.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to classify industrial land uses into a limited set of defined categories that shall be used to regulate the conditionally permitted land uses of the zone. [Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.47.020 Industrial use category definitions.

A. Industrial uses are hereby classified and defined as follows:

1. “Agricultural trade – Intensive” means uses and facilities engaged in the commercial feeding and preparation of livestock animals for wholesale, shipment, transfer or slaughter and not exempt from town zoning by state statute. Examples include commercial feedlots and agricultural auction facilities.

2. “Animal products processing – Intensive” means uses and facilities engaged in the commercial slaughtering or rendering of animals for further use in manufacturing or as semi-finished food products. Examples include slaughter houses, animal or marine rendering plants and tanneries.

3. “Manufacturing – Hazardous materials” means uses and facilities engaged in manufacturing processes that use or produce explosive, toxic, flammable or comparable substances and materials with a high level of community danger or health-threatening potential. Examples include the manufacturing of asbestos products, toxic or explosive chemicals and allied products or the processing of caustic acids.

4. “Manufacturing – Intensive” means uses and facilities engaged in the mechanical or chemical fabrication, processing, assembling or treatment of raw or semi-finished nonfood products, materials or substances into semi-finished or finished products, which cannot meet the performance standards of STC 18.53.020 (I-2). Examples include the manufacturing of plastics, nonexplosive or nontoxic chemicals, assembly of motor vehicles or mobile or modular housing, or the smelting and refining of metals from ore, pig or scrap.

5. “Nonexpressed industrial uses” means industrial uses not expressly permitted in any industrial zone and which are not otherwise unlawful, injurious to the general health or welfare, or specifically excluded.

6. “Storage – Hazardous materials” means the commercial provision of indoor or outdoor space for the storage or transfer of materials or products that may threaten the public health or safety because of combustibility, flammability, toxicity or disease potential. Examples include gasoline or flammables bulk stations, petroleum products tank farms, explosives or liquefied gases, trash burners and commercial landfills.

B. Other uses are as may be defined in Chapter 18.03 STC. [Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]