Chapter 18.51


18.51.010    Purpose.

18.51.020    Performance standards.

18.51.030    Permitted uses.

18.51.040    Conditional uses.

18.51.050    Development standards – General.

18.51.060    Development standards – Detached accessory buildings.

18.51.010 Purpose.

Reserved. [Ord. 2015-105 § 1; Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.51.020 Performance standards.

Reserved. [Ord. 2015-105 § 1; Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.51.030 Permitted uses.

A. Any use as permitted in Chapter 18.42 STC, B-1 Local Business Zone or B-2 General Business Zone.

B. Any of the following if conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building:

1. Manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging or treatment of: Bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, dairy products, drugs and pharmaceutical products, perfumes, soap (cold process only), and food products, except fish or meat products, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast and the rendering or refining of fats and oils;

2. Manufacture, compounding, assembling or treatment of articles of merchandise from the following previously prepared materials: Bone, broom corn, cellophane, canvas, cloth, cork, feathers, felt, fibre, fur, glass, hair or bristles, horn, leather, paper, plastics or plastic products, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, shell, textiles, tobacco, wax (paraffin, tallow, etc.), wood (excluding sawmill or planing mill), yarns, paint (not employing a boiling process);

3. Manufacture and maintenance of: Electric and neon signs, billboards, commercial advertising structures and displays, light sheet metal products, including heating or cooling, and ventilating ducts and equipment, cornices, eaves and the like;

4. Manufacture of: Glass, pottery or other similar ceramic products (using only previously prepared sand or pulverized clay, and kilns fired only by electricity or gas), concrete or cement products, musical instruments, toys, novelties, rubber or metal stamps;

5. Automobile, recreational vehicle, or manufactured or mobile home assembling, painting, upholstering, rebuilding, reconditioning, sale of used parts, truck repair or overhauling, tire rebuilding or recapping, battery manufacture and the like;

6. Blacksmith and welding shop or machine shop (excluding punch presses over 20 tons rated capacity, and drop hammers), foundry casting lightweight nonferrous metals not causing noxious fumes or odors;

7. Laundry, cleaning or dyeing works;

8. Carpet and rug cleaning;

9. Distribution plant;

10. Ice and cold storage plant;

11. Beverage bottling plant;

12. Wholesale business;

13. Storage building or warehouse;

14. Assembly of electrical appliances: Radios and phonographs, including the manufacture of small parts only, such as coils, condensers, transformers, crystal holders and the like;

15. Laboratory: Experimental, photo or motion picture film or testing;

16. Veterinary services or kennels;

17. Poultry or rabbit killing incidental to a retail business on the same premises;

18. Medical marijuana designated caregiver cultivation location. A designated caregiver cultivation location is permitted subject to STC 18.42.030(A)(10) and (11);

19. Medical marijuana dispensary off-site cultivation location. A medical marijuana dispensary off-site cultivation location is permitted subject to STC 18.42.030(A)(10) and (13).

C. Any of the following if conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building or within an area enclosed on all sides with a solid wall, compact evergreen hedge or uniformly painted board fence, not less than six feet in height:

1. Building material sales yard: Including the sale of rock, sand, gravel and the like as an incidental part of the main business;

2. Contractor’s equipment sales yard or plant;

3. Rental of equipment commonly used by contractors;

4. Retail lumber yard: Including only incidental mill work;

5. Feed yard;

6. Draying, freighting or truck yard or terminal;

7. Motion picture studio;

8. Automobile or automotive body and fender shop;

9. Public utility service yard.

D. Accessory building or use: When located on the same building site.

E. One dwelling unit, trailer, or manufactured or mobile home: For a watchman or caretaker and family.

F. Airport facilities: In accordance with Chapter 18.57 STC.

G. Gasoline or flammables bulk station; provided, that said product, including butane, gasoline, petroleum, or propane, shall:

1. Not be stored in tanks of more than 10,000 gallons capacity each,

2. Be located not less than 25 feet from any building or lot line or from similar tanks, and

3. Be located no closer than 100 feet from any residential zone.

H. Hotel, motel, lodge or inn (collectively referred to as hotel) and customary accessory facilities, including, but not limited to, cocktail lounge, restaurant, gift shop, barber shop, beauty shop and newsstands (collectively referred to as accessory uses), provided such accessory uses are a part of the hotel, and further providing that the following criteria are met:

1. Minimum lot area: 217,800 square feet;

2. Maximum height: 64 feet;

3. Height limit exceptions:

a. The height limit shall not apply to parapets, elevator or stairway penthouses, or any similar structures used solely for equipment and machinery of the mechanical, electrical or other utility systems of the building, and which do not occupy in total more than 25 percent of the roof area,

b. Signs shall be permitted on the side of the penthouses erected for the foregoing purposes, but not on the top of the penthouses;

4. Building setbacks:

a. Front: 50 feet,

b. Side and rear: 10 feet for each story, but not less than 30 feet;

5. Enclosures.

a. All permanent uses shall be conducted entirely within enclosed buildings, including courtyards or atriums,

b. Outdoor storage of material is permitted if the storage area is completely enclosed by walls, fences, buildings, landscape screening or a combination thereof,

c. Walls and fences shall be not less than six feet in height, and

d. No material shall be stored to a height greater than the adjacent screening wall, fence, building or landscaping;

6. Exterior Illumination. Illumination of buildings and open areas shall:

a. Be arranged to eliminate glare towards streets and adjoining properties, and

b. Meet all conditions of the town lighting code, as may be amended;

7. Fire Protection. All structures shall include installation of sprinkler systems in accordance with applicable fire codes as adopted by the town of Sahuarita. [Ord. 2015-105 § 1; Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 2010-042 § 5; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.51.040 Conditional uses.

A. Uses Conditionally Permitted.

1. Repealed by Ord. 2015-105.

2. Reserved. [Ord. 2015-105 § 1; Ord. 2015-098 § 1; Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.51.050 Development standards – General.

A. Minimum lot area: None.

B. Minimum lot width: None.

C. Minimum yard requirements:

1. Front: 15 feet;

2. Side: None;

3. Rear: 10 feet.

D. Maximum building height: 39 feet.

E. Buffering and screening shall be in conformance with Chapter 18.73 STC (Landscaping, Buffering and Screening Standards).

F. Compliance with Chapter 18.82 STC (Design Standards). [Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]

18.51.060 Development standards – Detached accessory buildings.

A. Permitted coverage: 40 percent of the required rear yard and any additional space within the buildable area.

B. Maximum building height:

1. Within the required rear yard: 24 feet;

2. Within the buildable area: 39 feet.

C. Minimum distance requirements:

1. To main buildings: Seven feet;

2. To front lot line: 15 feet;

3. To side lot lines: None;

4. To rear lot line: Four feet. [Ord. 2011-048 § 1; Ord. 1995-06 § 2.]