Chapter 18.10


18.10.010    Zoning district classifications designated.

18.10.020    Zoning district boundaries interpreted.

18.10.010 Zoning district classifications designated.

For the purposes of this title, the town shall be divided into the following zoning districts:

A. AG-1 (agricultural-1) zoning district;

B. AG-2 (agricultural-2) zoning district;

C. R-1 (single-family residential) zoning district;

D. R-2 (multifamily residential) zoning district;

E. COM (commercial) zoning district;

F. IND-L (light industrial) zoning district;

G. IND-H (heavy industrial) zoning district;

H. PAD (planned area development);

I. AO (airport overlay) zoning district. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 104 § 2, 2007; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-1(A).]

18.10.020 Zoning district boundaries interpreted.

Where uncertainty exists concerning the boundaries of any zoning district shown on the zoning map(s) contained in this title, the following rules shall apply:

A. Single-Zoned Properties. Where zone boundaries are indicated as approximately following the features noted below, those features shall be construed to be the zone boundaries:

1. Street, highway, alley lines or the center lines thereof, and railroad rights-of-way; whenever any street, alley, railroad or other public way is vacated, the zones adjoining each side of such street, highway, alley, or public way shall be considered as extended to the center of such vacation and all areas included in the vacation shall then be subject to all appropriate regulations of those zones.

2. Property lines.

3. Stream or waterway center lines.

4. Corporate town limit line.

B. Multi-Zoned Properties. Where zone boundaries divide a lot or parcel, the zoning boundary shall be considered a “lot line” if the area created by such lot line meets the designated zone minimum lot area and width requirements. If the area created by such lot line would not comply with such requirements, zoning for the entire parcel shall be that which is applied to the larger (51 percent or greater) portion of the property. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-1(B).]