Chapter 18.20


18.20.010    Purpose.

18.20.020    Permitted uses.

18.20.030    Accessory uses.

18.20.040    Conditionally permitted uses.

18.20.050    Development standards.

18.20.060    Subdivision lot development standards.

18.20.010 Purpose.

The principal purpose of the R-1 (single-family residential) zoning district is to conserve and protect single-family residential development. Principal uses permitted in this zoning district include single-family dwellings, churches, schools, parks and community facilities. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(A).]

18.20.020 Permitted uses.

A building or lot within the R-1 zoning district shall be used for the following purposes:

A. Single-family dwelling (one per lot of record) including conventional site-built homes, multi-section manufactured homes with a minimum area of 1,100 square feet, and factory-built modular homes, as defined and regulated in this title.

B. Churches.

C. Day care centers.

D. Golf courses.

E. Parks, public and private.

F. Public and quasi-public uses.

G. Public utility facilities.

H. Schools, public and private.

I. Single-family residential subdivisions. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(B).]

18.20.030 Accessory uses.

A. Fences and walls.

B. Greenhouses (noncommercial).

C. Home occupations, per Chapter 18.55 TTC.

D. Keeping of horses, cattle, sheep or goats; provided, that the minimum lot area is 15,000 square feet in size (see Chapter 18.63 TTC, Farm Animal Regulations).

E. Model homes and sales offices, in relation to a subdivision, until such time as the last lot in the respective subdivision is sold or developed.

F. Signs, per TTC 18.60.120.

G. Temporary uses, per TTC 18.75.090. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(C).]

18.20.040 Conditionally permitted uses.

A. Additional dwelling unit(s) on the same lot.

B. Bed and breakfast inns.

C. Group homes.

D. Residential facility.

E. Restaurants and cafes. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(D).]

18.20.050 Development standards.

A. Principal Buildings/Structures.

1. Building Height. Maximum height of any structure shall be 30 feet.

2. Minimum lot area: 10,000 square feet.

3. Minimum lot width: 70 feet.

4. Minimum area per dwelling unit: 5,000 square feet.

5. Minimum front yard: 20 feet.

6. Minimum side yards: 10 feet each.

7. Minimum rear yard: 20 feet.

B. Detached Accessory Buildings.

1. Permitted coverage: one-third of the total area of the rear and side yards.

2. Maximum height: 20 feet.

3. Minimum distance to main building: seven feet.

4. Minimum distance to front lot line: 20 feet.

5. Minimum distance to side and rear lot lines: three feet.

6. Parking requirements are listed in TTC 18.60.090.

7. Sign requirements are listed in TTC 18.60.120. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 2010-02 § 1; Ord. 2008-02 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(E).]

18.20.060 Subdivision lot development standards.

New residential subdivisions, consisting of four or more lots, and when proposed and developed as a single community (regardless if developed or platted in phases or portions), may be developed with minimum lot sizes, minimum lot widths, minimum lot area per dwelling unit and/or setback standards that differ from the R-1 standard, upon review and approval by the town council of the site plan and/or subdivision plat, as long as the proposed overall density is in conformance with the Taylor general plan. In addition, and if noted and approved along with the subdivision, additional dwelling unit(s) per lot may be allowed without a conditional use permit. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord. 2011-04 § 1; Ord. 48 § 2, 1998. Code 1983 § 12-2-3(F).]