Chapter 15.36


15.36.020    License Required

15.36.030    Plumbing Inspector

15.36.060    Effect of Initiating Work Prior to Obtaining Permit

15.36.080    Violations–Penalties

15.36.020 License Required

All persons doing work requiring a permit as set forth by code shall be licensed as required by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. (Ord. 1144 (part), 2011: prior code § 5-48)

15.36.030 Plumbing Inspector

To provide for the administration and enforcement of this chapter, the office of plumbing inspector, herein designated "inspector," is created. The inspector, and such assistants as may be necessary for the proper performance of the duties of the office, shall be appointed by the city council, and the compensation for such office shall be determined at the time of appointment. (Prior code § 5-49)

15.36.060 Effect of Initiating Work Prior to Obtaining Permit

When work, for which a permit is required by this chapter, is initiated prior to obtaining a permit required by this chapter, the fees provided for in this chapter shall be doubled, and in no event shall the assessment and/or payment of such double fee relieve any person, agency, association or corporation from fully complying with the requirements of this plumbing code nor from any other penalties prescribed herein. (Prior code § 5-51)

15.36.080 Violations–Penalties

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to violate any of the provisions or requirements of this chapter or the code, and any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions or requirements of this chapter or the code shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. Each separate day or any part thereof during which any violation of this chapter occurs or continues shall be deemed to constitute a separate offense, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable as provided by state law. (Ord. 1047 (part), 2007: Ord. 658 § 1 Exh. A (part), 1994: prior code § 5-53)