Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    Generally

16.20.020    Street Center Line and Boundary Monuments

16.20.030    Notes to Be Furnished

16.20.010 Generally

Surveys shall be performed in accordance with the most recent Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, Arizona boundary survey minimum standards and substantive policy statements. A portion of those standards are included herein for reference.

A.    In addition to sufficient mathematical ties to the controlling monuments of the survey, which enable the survey to be retraced by another surveyor, the surveyor’s drawing must also show, as a minimum, the following items:

1.    A basis of direction or bearings.

2.    The surveyor’s Arizona RLS stamp, with signature and date.

3.    The surveyor’s statement that the survey was performed either by the surveyor or under the surveyor’s direct supervision.

4.    A legend or table that identifies and explains all symbols and abbreviations used.

5.    A list of pertinent reference documents that were used as a basis for the survey.

6.    When setting a monument is impractical, the recorded results-of-survey drawing shall detail the reason for not setting the monument and show bearings and distances to the nearest corner, witness corner(s) or reference marker(s).

7.    A north arrow.

8.    The scale of the drawing.

B.    The land surveyor shall ensure that the appropriate survey drawing(s) is (are) recorded whenever any of the following conditions are encountered:

1.    Any land boundary survey monument found, and incorporated into the new survey, where that monument is not referred to in or by any previously recorded public record instrument.

2.    Any existing land boundary monument, or found monument, referenced in a previously recorded public document, when the public document fails to adequately identify said monuments.

3.    Any land boundary monuments are set in conjunction with the new survey.

4.    Any new land division as defined under State statutes. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Prior code § 801(A))

16.20.020 Street Center Line and Boundary Monuments

A monument shall be set at the intersection of the center lines of the street. Each such monument shall conform to City standards.

A.    The following standards apply to establishing, replacing or setting boundary monuments:

1.    If the monument is at either a public land survey system section or one-quarter (1/4) section corner, refer to applicable State statutes relative to monumenting those positions.

2.    All new monuments, including the surveyor’s Arizona registration number thereon, shall provide a degree of permanency, consistent with that of adjacent terrain and physical features.

3.    Whenever and wherever practicable, new or replacement boundary monuments and witness corner monuments set shall satisfy the following minimum criteria:

a.    The body of the monument shall be of metal or other such durable material.

b.    The body of the monument shall be at least sixteen (16) inches in length.

c.    The body of the monument shall be at least one-half (1/2) inch in diameter.

d.    The surveyor’s Arizona registration number shall be affixed to or clearly stamped into the body of the monument.

e.    The monument shall be magnetically detectable. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Prior Code § 801(B))

16.20.030 Notes to Be Furnished

For each monument set, the surveyor under whose supervision the survey has been made shall furnish to the City Engineer a set of notes showing clearly the ties to such monuments.

A.    The land surveyor shall retain documentation necessary to adequately convey the methods and results of any land boundary survey where such results of survey were not publicly recorded. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Prior Code § 801(C))