Chapter 16.28


16.28.010    Requirements

16.28.010 Requirements

A.    Except for any property split involving the creation of a new road, any owner or owners, or agents thereof, proposing to split or divide any lot, tract or parcel of land into three (3) or fewer lots, plots, sites, or other divisions of land for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or of building development shall:

1.    Conform to the procedures and comply with the regulations as established in this title for subdivision; and

2.    File with the Community Development Department a property split proposal, consisting of the legal description of the land proposed to be split or divided and legal descriptions of the proposed lot or lots with a map showing the boundaries and dimensions of the land proposed to be divided and of the proposed lot or lots together with the approximate location of existing and proposed streets, easements or rights-of-way, and major improvements on or adjoining the property. The aforementioned legal descriptions and maps shall be submitted under the seal of a registered land surveyor. The Community Development Director shall check such property split proposal as to its compliance with the Zoning Ordinance of the City and shall submit a written report to the Planning and Zoning Commission with recommendations concerning easements, dedications, improvements or changes in the property split proposal. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall make a written recommendation to the City Council as to the approval, conditional approval or disapproval of the property split proposal showing the proposed split or divisions and the reasons upon which such recommendation was based. The Community Development Director shall present the record of property split proposal and all written reports thereon to the City Council. After considering the recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Commission or if no recommendations were submitted, the City Council shall approve or disapprove the property split proposal. After approval of a property split proposal and upon compliance with any conditions of such approval as dedications, easements or improvements, the property split proposal and certificate of compliance or agreement signed by the City Clerk and Community Development Director shall be filed with the official records of the City Clerk and with the Navajo County Recorder.

B.    No property split proposal shall be approved without first ascertaining that all parcels of the property so divided have permanent easements or access to a public street, and utilities including, but not limited to, sewers, gas, electricity, water and telephone. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: prior code § 1001)