Chapter 17.04


17.04.010    Short Title

17.04.020    Authority

17.04.030    Purpose

17.04.040    Jurisdiction

17.04.050    Conflict With Other Rules or Regulations

17.04.060    Relationship to General Plan

17.04.070    Interpretation

17.04.010 Short Title

This title shall be known and may be cited as the zoning ordinance of the city of Winslow, Arizona. (Ord. 736 Art. I § A, 1997)

17.04.020 Authority

The ordinance codified in this title is adopted pursuant to the authority contained in Section 9-462.01 et. seq. of the Arizona Revised Statutes in order to conserve and promote the public health, safety and general welfare. (Ord. 736 Art. I § B, 1997)

17.04.030 Purpose

The purpose of this title is:

A.    To conserve and promote the public health, safety, general welfare and property values by regulating the use of buildings, structures and land, and the intensity of land use for agriculture, residence, business, industry and other purposes;

B.    To support and implement the adopted general plan. (Ord. 736 Art. I § C, 1997)

17.04.040 Jurisdiction

This title shall be effective within the incorporated boundaries of the city of Winslow, Arizona. (Ord. 736 Art. I § D, 1997)

17.04.050 Conflict With Other Rules or Regulations

A.    The provisions of this title are minimum requirements except when stated otherwise.

B.    This title is not intended to interfere with any existing ordinance of the city except when this title imposes greater restrictions or regulations than are imposed or required by an existing ordinance, deed restriction, covenant, easement or agreement between parties, this title shall control. (Ord. 736 Art. I § F, 1997)

17.04.060 Relationship to General Plan

A.    This title is intended to implement the planning policies adopted by the planning and zoning commission and city council as reflected in the general plan.

B.    This title and any amendments are intended to be in conformity with the adopted general plan. (Ord. 736 Art. I § G, 1997)

17.04.070 Interpretation

The provisions of this title shall be minimum requirements and shall be liberally construed in favor of the city. (Ord. 736 Art. VIII § A, 1997)