Chapter 1.16


1.16.010    Consolidation of previous districts.

1.16.020    Where court sessions may be held.

1.16.030    Election and salary of judge--Office of clerk created.

1.16.040    Qualification for judge of justice court.

1.16.050    Justice court judge to be a full-time position.

1.16.010 Consolidation of previous districts.

Public convenience and necessity require the consolidation of the five existing judicial districts of the county into one judicial district, and to effectuate such consolidation, a single judicial district is established, to be known as "Amador Judicial District," which shall embrace all of the territory now contained in said five districts, the exterior boundaries of which are more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at the southwest corner, in the Mokelumne River, on the eastern boundary of San Joaquin; thence up said river to its junction with the north fork of said river; thence up the said north fork to the line of Alpine, being at a point south of the common corner of Amador, Alpine and El Dorado, which is in the center of the Amador and Nevada Road, in front of Z. Kirkwood's house; thence north by the line of Alpine to said common corner; thence westerly along said road to a point east of the source of the south fork of the south fork of the Cosumnes River; thence west to said source; thence down the south fork of the south fork and the south fork and the main Cosumnes River to the easterly line of Sacramento; thence by the eastern lines of Sacramento and San Joaquin to the place of beginning.  (Ord. 285 §1, 1957).

1.16.020 Where court sessions may be held.

Sessions of the justice court may be held in any incorporated city within the Amador judicial district as public convenience may require.  (Ord. 285 §2, 1957).

1.16.030 Election and salary of judge--Office of clerk created.

There shall be elected according to law for the justice court of Amador judicial district, a judge who shall receive such annual salary and payable in such manner as prescribed by ordinance.  In addition, the office of clerk for said court is created.  (Ord. 501 §3, 1974:  Ord. 331 §1, 1961:  Ord. 285 §3, 1957).

1.16.040 Qualifications for judge of justice court.

Every person hereafter elected or appointed justice court judge shall meet the qualifications established by the state.  (Ord. 555 §4, 1976).

1.16.050 Justice court judge to be a full-time position.

Commencing on January 1, 1977, the office of the judge of the justice court shall be a full-time position.  (Ord. 555 §5, 1976).


    For the constitutional provisions on county judicial districts, see CONST. art 6 §4. For the statutory provisions on judicial districts, see Gov. Code §71040 et seq.