Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Meetings--Day and time.

2.04.015    Election of officers.

2.04.020    Chairperson and vice chairperson.

2.04.030    Preparation of agenda.

2.04.040    Meeting--Adjournment procedures.

2.04.050    Motion for reconsideration.

2.04.060    Rules and regulations--Authority.

2.04.070    Addressing the board.

2.04.080    When rules may be suspended.

2.04.090    Salaries and benefits.

2.04.110    Reimbursement of expenses incurred in discharging

2.04.120    When salaries to be paid.

2.04.130    Supervisorial districts.

2.04.010 Meetings--Day and time.

A.    Regular meetings of the board of supervisors shall be held on every Tuesday of every month, except:  (1) on any Tuesday that falls on a county government holiday, (2) on any Tuesday that is canceled pursuant to the annual calendar adopted by the board of supervisors in January of each year, or (3) whenever the chairperson, with the concurrence of the vice chairperson and the county administrative officer, finds good cause exists for cancellation or rescheduling of a regular meeting.  All meetings will be held in the chambers of the board of supervisors, County Administration Building, Jackson, California, unless otherwise designated by majority vote of the board.

B.    All regular meetings of the board shall be called to order at 8:30 a.m., with the board to be in closed session from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., unless otherwise directed in advance by majority vote of the board.

C.    Special meetings at times and locations other than the above may be called by the chairperson or by a majority of the board in accordance with the notice provisions set forth in Government Code Section 54956.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.015 Election of officers.

The board shall elect officers of the board, consisting of a chairperson and a vice chairperson, at its last meeting in December for the ensuing calendar year.  The chairperson and vice chairperson shall each serve at the pleasure of the board.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.020 Chairperson and vice chairperson.

A.    The chairperson shall serve as presiding officer of the board, shall rule on questions of procedure, and shall represent the board at ceremonial and official functions.  In presiding over the board, the chairperson at all times shall observe and act consistently with the majority.  The chairperson, with majority consent of the board, shall appoint members of committees in the month of January and at such other times as is deemed necessary for the proper conduct of business, subject to the provisions of Government Code Section 54970 et seq.

B.    The vice chairperson shall exercise all powers and duties of the chairperson in his or her absence or inability to act.  In the absence or inability to act of both the chairperson and the vice chairperson, the members present shall select a chairperson pro tem.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.030 Preparation of agenda.

An agenda shall be prepared by the county administrative officer or his or her designee as directed by the chairperson for each meeting of the board.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.040 Meeting--Adjournment procedures.

The board may adjourn any regular, adjourned regular, special or adjourned special meeting to a time and place specified in the order of adjournment.  Less than a quorum may so adjourn from time to time.  If all members are absent from any regular or adjourned regular meeting, the clerk of the board may declare the meeting adjourned to a stated time and place, and the clerk shall cause a written notice of the adjournment to be given in the same manner as provided herein for special meetings, unless such notice is waived as provided for special meetings.  A copy of the order or notice of adjournment shall be conspicuously posted on or near the door of the chambers or place where the regular, adjourned regular, special or adjourned special meeting was held within twenty-four hours after the time of the adjournment.  When a regular or adjourned regular meeting is adjourned as provided in this section, the resulting adjourned regular meeting is a regular meeting for all purposes.  When an order of adjournment of any meeting fails to state the hour at which the adjourned meeting is to be held, it shall be held at the hour specified for regular meetings.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.050 Motion for reconsideration.

A vote may be reconsidered on the motion of any member of the board voting with the majority.  Any motion for reconsideration must be heard no later than the next regular meeting.  A motion to reconsider shall require a majority vote of the members.  If the motion is successful, the board shall immediately proceed to reconsider the subject matter of the motion.  A motion to reconsider, if lost, shall not be renewed nor shall any subject be a second time reconsidered within twelve months except by a four-fifths vote of the board.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.060 Rules and regulations--Authority.

The board may make and enforce additional rules and regulations necessary for the governance of the board, the preservation of order and the transaction of business.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.070 Addressing the board.

Any person desiring to address the board shall, when recognized by the chairperson, give his name and address to the clerk.  The chairperson may, in the interest of facilitating the business of the board and avoidance of repetition, limit the amount of time which a person may use in addressing the board.  All remarks shall be addressed to the chairperson or the board as a whole, and not to an individual board member or member of the audience.  No person will be permitted to make slanderous or profane remarks.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.080 When rules may be suspended.

Any of the within rules not required by law may be suspended by a majority of the members of the board.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.090 Salaries and benefits.

A.    Effective July 1, 2016, each supervisor for the county shall receive as compensation for services required of him/her by law or by virtue of his/her office an amount equal to thirty-five percent of the Amador County superior court judge’s monthly pay in effect on June 30, 2016, for each month during which such supervisor holds office.  Such salary shall be prorated for the first and last month of his/her term.  Each year thereafter, the board of supervisors’ annual rate of compensation shall be adjusted on July 1st without further direction to the auditor-controller or personnel department, to an amount that is thirty-five percent of the Amador County superior court judge’s salary in effect on July 1st of the same year.

B.    Each supervisor shall also accrue benefits as set forth in the most current resolution adopted for management unit employees, with the exception of vacation, sick leave, unemployment, and SDI benefits; provided, however, that each supervisor shall receive six days of sick leave credit for each year of continuous service for which he/she was elected, which credit may be used only toward public employees’ retirement system ("PERS") retirement credit.  With respect to participation in PERS, supervisors shall be eligible for enrollment in the applicable plan, depending on the date the supervisor took office, and each supervisor shall pay the full "employee" share of their respective retirement.  If a supervisor elects not to participate in PERS, he/she may take the county’s share of PERS normal cost (excluding any unfunded liability payments) in cash.  (Ord. 1756 §1, 2016).

2.04.110 Reimbursement of expenses incurred in discharging duties.

Each supervisor shall be reimbursed for his/her expenses incurred in the performance of his/her duties as a supervisor.  The reimbursable expenses shall be telephone expenses, mileage for each mile traveled, and actual expenses for food and lodging.  The mileage rate will be based on the most recent travel policy adopted for all county employees.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.120 When salaries to be paid.

All salaries provided for hereunder shall be paid in arrears, in equal monthly installments, at noon on the last working day of each month.  (Ord. 1714 §1(part), 2011).

2.04.130 Supervisorial districts.

The boundaries of the supervisorial districts of the county are hereby amended to correspond to those shown on the official map on file with the clerk of the board of supervisors entitled Official Map, Supervisorial District Boundaries, adopted October 2011.  The official supervisorial district map shall be available to the public at the clerk of the board of supervisors and the election department.  (Ord. 1713 §1, 2011).


    For statutory provisions relating to the board of supervisors, see Gov. Code §25000 et seq.; for the statutory provisions requiring that meetings of county boards of supervisors be open and public, see Gov. Code §§25080, 54953.