Chapter 2.08


2.08.010    Offices of sheriff and tax collector separated.

2.08.020    Consolidation of tax collector and treasurer.

2.08.030    Delegation of investment authority.

2.08.040    Eligibility and continuing education requirements.

2.08.010 Offices of sheriff and tax collector separated.

The offices of sheriff and tax collector of the county shall be separated.  (Ord. 244 §1, 1949).

2.08.020 Consolidation of tax collector and treasurer.

The office of tax collector of the county shall be consolidated with the office of treasurer of Amador County.  (Ord. 244 §2, 1949).

2.08.030 Delegation of investment authority.

Subject to Government Code Section 53607, the board of supervisors delegates to the county treasurer the authority to invest or reinvest the funds of the county and the funds of other depositors in the county treasury, pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 53600) of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the Government Code.  The county treasurer shall assume full responsibility for those transactions until the board of supervisors either revokes its delegation of authority, by ordinance, or decides not to renew the annual delegation, as provided by Section 53607.  Nothing in this section shall limit the county treasurer’s authority pursuant to Government Code Section 53635 or 53684.  (Ord. 1433 §2, 1997).

2.08.040 Eligibility and continuing education requirements.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 27000.6, the provisions of Government Code Sections 27000.7, 27000.8, and 27000.9 concerning eligibility and continuing education requirements for the Amador County treasurer/tax collector are hereby effective and adopted as presently enacted or subsequently amended or renumbered.  (Ord. 1651 §1, 2006).


    For statutory provisions authorizing counties to consolidate certain offices, see Gov. Code §24300 et seq.