Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    Variances--Requirements.

2.100.020    Contents of application.

2.100.030    Fee.

2.100.040    Action by board of supervisors.

2.100.010 Variances--Requirements.

The board of supervisors may grant a variance to any county ordinance which does not have a variance procedure already established by ordinance or statute.  Such a variance may be granted upon application therefor, after written notice to affected persons, for good cause shown, and after a public hearing.  (Ord. 1368 §1(part), 1994).

2.100.020 Contents of application.

The application shall set forth with specificity the ordinance from which the variance is sought, the grounds therefor and the proposed terms of the variance.  (Ord. 1368 §1(part), 1994).

2.100.030 Fee.

An applicant for a variance shall pay a fee of seventy-five dollars to the clerk of the board of supervisors when he or she files the application for a variance.  (Ord. 1368 §1(part), 1994).

2.100.040 Action by board of supervisors.

The board of supervisors may, following the public hearing, grant, deny, or grant with conditions the variance applied for.  Written notice of the board’s decision shall be provided to the applicant within ten days after the board’s decision is final.  (Ord. 1368 §1(part), 1994).