Chapter 2.108


2.108.010    Office created.

2.108.020    Purpose and authority.

2.108.030    Transfer of functions.

2.108.040    Appointment of the director of child support services.

2.108.050    Duties and responsibilities of the director.

2.108.060    Expenses.

2.108.010 Office created.

There is hereby created in the County the department of child support services (the “department”).  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).

2.108.020 Purpose and authority.

This chapter is enacted pursuant to California Family Code Section 17304, for the purpose of promptly and effectively establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support obligations, including medical support, enforcement of spousal support orders established by a court of competent jurisdiction, and determining paternity in cases of a child born out of wedlock, as specified in Family Code Section 17400, including all further responsibilities delegated to a local child support agency, pursuant to Division 17 (commencing with Section 17000) of the Family Code.  No other local agency shall have any authority over the department as to any function relating to its obligations under Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act (Family Code Section 17303).  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).

2.108.030 Transfer of functions.

All county program employees and other personnel who perform child support collection and enforcement services, and assets dedicated to those services, shall be transferred from the district attorney’s office to the department as provided in Family Code Sections 17304 and 17305.  The transfer of programs, staff and assets shall be effective upon approval of the Director of the California Department of Child Support Services.  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).

2.108.040 Appointment of the director of child support services.

The board of supervisors shall by resolution appoint a person as the director of child support services (“director”) to serve at the pleasure of the board of supervisors as a member of the management unit of the county.  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).

2.108.050 Duties and responsibilities of the director.

Under the general direction of the county administrative officer, the director shall be the administrative head of the department.  The director shall administer the department and carry out the general policies of the board of supervisors, and shall plan, organize and direct all activities of the department in accordance with state, federal and county laws and regulations.  The director shall report directly to the county administrative officer.  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).

2.108.060 Expenses.

All necessary expenses incurred in the operation of the department shall be in accordance with the amounts specified and budgeted therefor by the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 1543 §1(part), 2001).