Chapter 2.14


2.14.010    Office of clerk of the board of supervisors created.

2.14.020    Duties of the clerk.

2.14.010 Office of clerk of the board of supervisors created.

Pursuant to the authority provided in Government Code Section 25100.5, there is created the office of the clerk of the board of supervisors.  The clerk of the board of supervisors shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 938 §6, 1983).

2.14.020 Duties of the clerk.

A.    The clerk of the board shall:

1.    Attend each session of the board and attend committee meetings when requested so to do;

2.    Keep and enter in the minute book of the board the full and complete record of the proceedings of the board at all regular and special meetings, including the entry in full of all resolutions and of all decisions on questions concerning the allowance of accounts, and record the vote of each member of the board on every question;

3.    Immediately after each meeting of the board, deliver to and leave with the auditor all demands allowed for the payment of money;

4.    File and preserve, or dispose of pursuant to law, all petitions, applications, and other papers and records deposited with him or her;

5.    Authenticate with his or her signature, and the seal of the board, and file each ordinance passed by the board;

6.    Sign all records and minutes of the board;

7.    Maintain the books, records, and accounts of the board;

8.    Attest each ordinance enacted by the board;

9.    File memorandums on actions taken by the board on claims, and attest and sign endorsements on such claims when transmitted to the auditor; and

10.    Any other duty which the board may from time to time assign to him or her.

B.    The clerk may take acknowledgments, and administer and certify oaths, in the performance of his or her official duties.  (Ord. 938 §7, 1983).