Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Office created.

2.20.020    Appointment and term.

2.20.030    Duties.

2.20.040    Compensation and conditions of appointment.

2.20.010 Office created.

There is created in and for the county, the office of county counsel.  (Ord. 323 §1, 1960).

2.20.020 Appointment and term.

The county counsel shall be appointed by the board of supervisors to serve for the term prescribed by law.  (Ord. 323 §2, 1960).

2.20.030 Duties.

The duties of the county counsel shall be as set forth in Sections 26529, 27642 and 27645 of the Government Code of the state and such other and additional duties as may from time to time be provided by legislative enactment, and such further legal duties that may be prescribed by the board, from time to time, not otherwise inconsistent with state law.  (Ord. 323 §3, 1960).

2.20.040 Compensation and conditions of appointment.

The compensation and conditions of appointment of the county counsel shall be as determined by the board, from time to time.  (Ord. 323 §4, 1960).


    For statutory provisions relating to the county counsel, see Gov. Code §27640 et seq.