Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Consolidation of offices.

2.28.020    Compensation for coroner’s duties.

2.28.030    Chief deputy coroner--Appointment and compensation.

2.28.010 Consolidation of offices.

The offices of sheriff and coroner of the county are consolidated.  (Ord. 464 §1, 1972).

2.28.020 Compensation for coroner’s duties.

In addition to the regular compensation the sheriff receives in performance of the duties of the office of sheriff, he shall receive additional compensation in performance of the duties of the office of coroner commencing April 1, 1972, as set forth below

One hundred dollars per month.

(Ord. 464 §2, 1972).

2.28.030 Chief deputy coroner--Appointment and compensation.

The sheriff, as coroner, shall have the power to appoint a chief deputy coroner as provided for in Government Code Section 24100 et seq., subject to approval by the board; and the chief deputy coroner, in addition to any regular compensation he may receive as deputy sheriff, shall receive the following compensation:

One hundred dollars per month, commencing upon approval of his appointment by the board.  (Ord. 464 §3, 1972).


    For statutory provisions regarding the office of sheriff, see Gov. Code §26600 et seq.; for the provisions regarding the office of coroner, see Gov. Code §27460 et seq.