Chapter 2.56


2.56.010    Established.

2.56.020    Duties--Administration and enforcement.

2.56.030    Duties--.As required by board.

2.56.040    Authority of board.

2.56.050    Fee collection and payment.

2.56.010 Established.

There is established within the county the Amador County building department, hereinafter referred to as the building department.  (Ord. 469 §1, 1972).

2.56.020 Duties--Administration and enforcement.

The building department shall, as its primary duties and responsibilities, administer and enforce under and subject to the direction of the board of supervisors:

A.    Those building laws, rules and regulations as provided for in Part 1.5 of Division 13 and Part 3 of Division 13 of the Health and Safety Code;

B.    Those provisions of any and all Amador County ordinances now in effect or as hereafter amended relating to Chapter 15.04 of this code;

C.    Such other laws, ordinances, rules and/or regulations as directed by the board.  (Ord. 469 §2, 1972).

2.56.030 Duties--As required by board.

The building department shall, in addition to the duties imposed by Section 2.56.020 hereof, do and perform such other duties as required by the board.  (Ord. 469 §3, 1972).

2.56.040 Authority of board.

The board shall establish by resolution or minute order the manner of appointments, duties, terms and all other conditions governing the selection and/or employment of the officers and/or employees of the building department.  (Ord. 469 §4, 1972).

2.56.050 Fee collection and payment.

The building department, for such duties, services and inspections as it performs, shall collect and receive and pay into the treasury of the county for deposit in the general fund, or as otherwise required, all fees as prescribed by such laws, codes and regulations that it is to enforce, or such fees as are fixed and determined by the board.  The board may fix and determine by resolution or minute order the amount of all such fees for the services and/or inspections to be performed by the building department in all instances in which it is legally possible for the board to make such determination.  Such fees so fixed and determined shall supersede all other fees otherwise fixed and determined.  (Ord. 469 §5, 1972).