Chapter 3.22


3.22.010    Short title--Adoption.

3.22.020    Establishment of survey monument preservation fund.

3.22.030    Imposition.

3.22.040    Who must pay.

3.22.050    Requirements for recording documents.

3.22.060    Recorder and auditor duties--Distribution of moneys.

3.22.070    Use of moneys.

3.22.010 Short title--Adoption.

This chapter shall be known as the "Survey Monument Preservation Fund Fee Ordinance of the County of Amador."  It is adopted pursuant to Chapter 11 (commencing with Section 27584) of Part 3 of Division 2 of Title 3 of the Government Code.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.020 Establishment of survey monument preservation fund.

Pursuant to the provisions of Government Code Section 27584, there is established a survey monument preservation fund for the county.  Such fund shall be used to pay the necessary expenses incurred or authorized by the county surveyor in any retracement or remonument survey of major historical land division lines upon which later surveys may be based, including, but not limited to, government section lines, ranch lines, grant lines, ranch section lines, acreage subdivision lot lines and subdivision boundary lines within the county.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.030 Imposition.

There is imposed on each deed recorded on or after September 1, 1987, conveying any interest in real property within the county for which a transfer tax is required, pursuant to Chapter 3.20 of this title of the Amador County Code, a user fee of ten dollars, which fee shall be collected upon recordation of each such deed by the county recorder, for the limited purpose of financing the survey monument preservation fund established pursuant to Section 3.22.020 of this code.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.040 Who must pay.

The fee imposed by Section 3.22.030 shall be paid by any person who makes, signs, or issues any document or instrument subject to the tax, or for whose use or benefit the same is made, signed or issued.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.050 Requirements for recording documents.

The recorder shall not record any deed subject to the fee imposed by this chapter unless the fee is paid.  Every deed subject to the fee hereunder shall show on the face of the document, by rubber stamp, seal or other visible means that the fee has been paid.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.060 Recorder and auditor duties--Distribution of moneys.

The county recorder shall administer this chapter and shall, on or before the fifteenth day of each month report to the county auditor the amount of fees collected during the preceding month pursuant to this chapter.  The auditor shall distribute monthly such fees to the survey monument preservation fund, and such funds shall not be transferred to, or deposited in, any other fund.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).

3.22.070 Use of moneys.

The moneys deposited in the survey monument preservation fund shall be used only for the purposes set forth and generally described in Section 3.22.020 of this chapter and shall not be used for any other purpose other than the purposes referenced in this chapter, except as may be provided in Government Code Sections 27584 or 27585, as they may be amended from time to time.  (Ord. 1140 §1(part), 1987).