Chapter 3.38


3.38.010    Title.

3.38.020    Purpose.

3.38.030    Registration certificate.

3.38.040    Registration fees.

3.38.010 Title.

The title of this chapter shall be "registration requirements for agricultural and structural pest control businesses."  (Ord. 1682 §1(part), 2008).

3.38.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a system for the registration (including payment of registration fees) of agricultural pest control businesses (Food and Agriculture Code Sections 11732 and 11734); agricultural pest control advisers (Food and Agriculture Code Sections 12031 and 12034); agricultural pest control pilots (Food and Agriculture Code Sections 11920 and 11923); Branch 1 structural pest control businesses (Food and Agriculture Code Section 15204.5); Branch 2 and 3 structural pest control businesses (Food and Agriculture Code Section 15204); and farm labor contractors (Labor Code Sections 1695(a)(8) and 1695(b)).  (Ord. 1682 §1(part), 2008).

3.38.030 Registration certificate.

No person shall do any of the following without having a current annual registration certificate issued by the county agricultural commissioner:  (1) advertise, solicit, or operate as a pest control business; (2) act as a pest control aircraft pilot; (3) act as an agricultural pest control adviser; (4) act as a Branch 2 or Branch 3 structural pest control operator; (5) conduct fumigations as a Branch 1 structural pest control licensee; or (6) contract with a grower as a labor contractor.  The certificate shall be in addition to any other certificate, license or permit that may be required by the county or any other governmental entity.

A.    Application.  An application for a registration certificate must be submitted to the county agricultural commissioner in the form prescribed by him or her.  The county agricultural commissioner shall, upon receipt of a completed application and the payment of the applicable fee described herein, issue a current registration certificate.

B.    Issuance to Corporation.  A registration certificate may be issued to a corporation duly authorized to transact business in this state or to anyone operating under a fictitious name who has complied with the provisions of Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 17900) of Part 3 of Division 7 of the Business and Professions Code.  Otherwise, all such certificates shall be issued in the true name of the applicant.  Except as provided above, no business, occupation or activity for which a certificate is required by this chapter may be conducted under any false or fictitious name.  A certificate issued to a corporation shall designate such corporation by the exact name which appears in the articles of incorporation of such corporation.  (Ord. 1682 §1(part), 2008).

3.38.040 Registration fees.

Registration fees for the above-mentioned functions shall be as follows:

A.    Agricultural pest control business:  twenty-five dollars.

B.    Agricultural Adviser.

1.    Home county:  ten dollars.

2.    Out of county:  five dollars.

C.    Pest control aircraft pilot:  five dollars.

D.    Branch 1 pest control business:  twenty-five dollars.  Calendar year amendments (additional personnel):  ten dollars.

E.    Branch 2 pest control business:  ten dollars.

F.    Branch 3 pest control business:  ten dollars.

G.    Farm labor contractor:  twenty-five dollars.  (Ord. 1682 §1(part), 2008).