Chapter 3.58


3.58.010    Public works review and inspection fees.

3.58.020    Miscellaneous public works fees.

3.58.010 Public works review and inspection fees.

A.    Each applicant to the county shall pay a fee for review services performed by the county department of transportation and public works for site visits for inspection purposes, parcel map review, subdivision map review, California Environmental Quality Act evaluation services, and review of requests for deviations from Chapter 15.30.  The fee for these review and inspection services will be based on the current weighted hourly charge out rate of staff directly involved in the inspection plus allowable overhead; the weighted hourly rate and overhead are based on requirements by the State of California Accounting Standards and Procedures for Counties, Appendix A--Road Fund Accounting.  These fees shall not be applicable to map reviews that are initiated by the board or an advisory agency.  Fees for preapplication conferences will also be charged as specified in this subsection.

B.    At the time of making application, each applicant shall make a deposit to be applied against public works review fees in the following amounts:

Request for Chapter 15.30 deviations


CEQA evaluations


Subdivision maps


Parcel maps


Conditional use permits


C.    In the event the cumulative accrued charges exceed the above minimums, the county shall submit periodic billings to the applicants for costs incurred in excess of the minimum deposits required.  Interest of one and one-half percent per accounting period (twenty-eight-day cycle) compounded each accounting period shall be added to the unpaid balance due to any account which has not been paid within twenty-eight days of the date it was billed.  All fees to date must be paid current prior to consideration of the application at each stage of the review process (i.e., technical advisory committee meetings, planning commission consideration, consideration by the board of supervisors, if applicable, determination by department head, if applicable, and final approval of the documents by the county surveyor in the case of subdivision maps and parcel maps).  In the event the actual total charges are less than the minimum deposit amounts, the county shall reimburse the payer the difference between the minimum deposit and the actual total charges.  (Ord. 1704 §§2, 3, 2011; Ord. 1646 §1 (part), 2006).

3.58.020 Miscellaneous public works fees.

A.    Fees for permits issued under Chapter 10.44 of the Amador County Code shall be as follows:

Single Trip

Permit fee



Permit fee


In addition to the regular permit fee, if special services are necessitated by unusually large or heavy loads requiring engineering investigations, escorts, tree trimming, or other services, such special services may be billed separately for each permit at the rate of forty-seven dollars per hour.

B.    Except as set forth in Section 12.10.060(B) of the Amador County Code, fees for encroachment permits issued under Chapter 12.10 of the Amador County Code shall be in the amount of six hundred twenty-five dollars.  If the department of transportation and public works determines upon completion of a site visit that an existing encroachment meets standards, then the fee will be returned less a site visit charge of eighty-five dollars.

C.    Fees for encroachment permits issued to a public agency or public utility having lawful authority to occupy the highways (referred to herein as a "public agency") shall be paid and administered as set forth in Chapter 12.10 of the Amador County Code.  (Ord. 1704 §§4, 5, 2011; Ord. 1654 §1, 2006:  Ord. 1646 §1 (part), 2006).