Chapter 7.26


7.26.010    Short title--Definitions.

7.26.020    Infectious waste.

7.26.010 Short title--Definitions.

This chapter is known and may be cited as the "Amador County Infectious Waste Ordinance."  The following words and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall, for the purposes of this chapter, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section:

A.    "Department" means the State Department of Health Services.

B.    "Director" means the Director of Health Services.

C.    "Disposal" means to abandon, deposit, inter or otherwise discard waste.

D.    "Handling" means the transporting or transferring from one place to another, or pumping, processing, storing, or packaging of hazardous waste, but does not include the handling of any substance before it becomes a waste, and does not include the storage of hazardous waste on the contiguous property of the producer of the waste.

E.    "Health officer" includes the health officer and any duly authorized deputy, sanitarian, or other agent of the health department of the county, and shall include duly authorized personnel of the state of California Department of Health Services in the performance of any contract between the state and the county or applicable state law, county ordinance, or state or county rule or regulations in aid thereof.

F.    "Infectious" includes:

1.    Pathologic specimens, tissues, specimens of blood elements, excreta or secretions and disposable articles attendant thereto from humans or animals at a hospital, medical clinic, research center, veterinary institution, or pathology laboratory;

2.    Surgical operating room pathologic specimens and disposable articles attendant thereto which may harbor or transmit pathogenic organisms;

3.    Pathologic specimens and disposable articles attendant thereto from outpatient areas and emergency rooms;

4.    Discarded equipment, instruments, utensils and other articles which may harbor or transmit pathogenic organisms from the rooms of patients with suspected or diagnosed communicable disease.

G.    "Person" means an individual, trust, firm, joint stock company, corporation (including a government corporation), partnership, and association.

H.    "Processing" means to treat, detoxify, neutralize, incinerate, biodegrade, or otherwise process a hazardous waste to remove its harmful properties or characteristics for disposal in accordance with regulations established by the Department.

I.    "Waste" means any material for which no use or reuse is intended and which is to be discarded.

J.    "Storage" means the containment of wastes, either on a temporary basis or for a period of years, in such a manner as not to constitute disposal or use of such waste.  (Ord. 1672 §3(part), 2008).

7.26.020 Infectious waste.

Infectious waste shall be handled, stored, processed and disposed of in accordance with standards established by the local health officer and the Department.  (Ord. 1672 §3(part), 2008).