Chapter 7.76


7.76.010    Purpose.

7.76.020    Definitions.

7.76.030    General requirements.

7.76.040    Developer to bear costs.

7.76.050    Design and location of recycling areas.

7.76.010 Purpose.

The lack of adequate areas for collecting and loading recyclable materials that are compatible with surrounding land uses is a significant impediment to diverting solid waste and constitutes an urgent need for state and local agencies to address access to solid waste for source reduction, recycling and composting activities.  This chapter has been developed to meet that need and thus to comply with the California Solid Waste and Recycling Access Act of 1991 (Public Resources Code Section 42900 et seq.).  (Ord. 1370 §1(part), 1994).

7.76.020 Definitions.

A.    "Development project" means any of the following:

1.    A project for which a building permit is required for a commercial, industrial or institutional building or a residential building having five or more living units where solid waste is collected and loaded;

2.    Any new public facility or substantial improvements to an existing public facility where solid waste is collected and loaded.

B.    "Recycling area" means space allocated for the collecting and loading of recyclable materials which is accessible and convenient for those who deposit as well as those who collect and load any recyclable materials placed therein.  (Ord. 1370 §1(part), 1994).

7.76.030 General requirements.

Any development project for which an application is submitted after the effective date of this chapter shall include a recycling area; provided, however, that no additional recycling area shall be required where Amador County’s recycling program is being carried out compatibly with solid waste collection.  (Ord. 1370 §1(part), 1994).

7.76.040 Developer to bear costs.

Any costs associated with adding a recycling area to existing development projects shall be the responsibility of the developer of the property.  (Ord. 1370 §1(part), 1994).

7.76.050 Design and location of recycling areas.

A.    The design, construction and location of recycling areas shall not be in conflict with any applicable federal, state or local laws relating to fire, building, access, transportation, circulation or safety.

B.    Recycling areas or the bins or containers placed therein shall provide protection against adverse environmental conditions, such as rain, which might render the collected materials unmarketable.

C.    Any and all recycling areas shall be located so they are at least as convenient for those persons who deposit, collect and load the recyclable materials placed therein as the location(s) where solid waste is collected and loaded.  Whenever feasible, recycling areas shall be adjacent to solid waste collection areas.  (Ord. 1370 §1(part), 1994).