Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    Title.

8.08.020    Legal effect of license.

8.08.030    Prohibited conduct.

8.08.040    Proper care.

8.08.050    Cooperation of public.

8.08.060    Duty to report bite.

8.08.070    Display and offering animals in public prohibited.

8.08.010 Title.

This title shall be known as and may be cited and referred to as the "Animal Control Ordinance." (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.020 Legal effect of license.

The issuance of any license or permit to keep an animal or animals as provided for in this title is prima facie evidence that the owner has satisfied the basic licensing requirements under this title, but such issuance shall be given no evidentiary weight to indicate that the owner has conformed to zoning regulations, building regulations, health and safety regulations, or to any other applicable rule, regulation, or statute, unless, pursuant to the issuance, official written approval has been given by the office or agency responsible for the administration of the rule, regulation, or statute in question.  If such approval has been given, it shall be deemed prima facie evidence that the matter approved is in accordance with the rule, regulation, or statute in question.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.030 Prohibited conduct.

No owner of any animal, wild or domestic, except the domestic cat, shall permit or allow said animal to do any of the following things:

A.    Run at large;

B.    Trespass upon public property or upon any private property;

C.    Habitually make loud noise for a period of fifteen consecutive minutes or longer, or act in such a manner so as to constitute a public nuisance.  Violation of this subsection shall constitute an infraction.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.040 Proper care.

The owner of any animal, wild or domestic, shall provide proper and adequate food, water, shelter, care, and attention for such animal.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.050 Cooperation of public.

No person shall prevent, oppose, resist, or otherwise interfere with the animal control officer in the performance of his or her duties as provided in this title.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.060 Duty to report bite.

It is the duty of any person having knowledge that any animal capable of transmitting rabies has bitten a human being within Amador County to immediately report the fact to the health department, the animal control officer, or the sheriff, and to furnish complete information concerning the bite incident.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.08.070 Display and offering animals in public prohibited.

Except as provided herein, the placing on display in any public place in Amador County, including without limitation streets, sidewalks, parking lots, malls, walkways, or common areas of shopping centers, of any dog, cat, puppy, kitten, or other animal for the purpose of offering to sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of said animal is prohibited.  This section shall not apply to the display or offering of animals for adoption or sale from the animal shelter, when such display or offering is performed by animal control department personnel, or any humane organization acting under the auspices of the animal control department or in conjunction with said department.  Violation of this section is an infraction.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).


    For the statutory provisions authorizing counties to fix limits within which animals may not run at large, see Government Code §25802.