Chapter 8.16


8.16.010    Animals subject to impoundment.

8.16.020    Duration.

8.16.030    Redemption.

8.16.035    Limitations on redemption.

8.16.040    Disposition of impounded animals.

8.16.050    Fees.

8.16.060    Absence of liability.

8.16.010 Animals subject to impoundment.

Any animal which is, to the knowledge of the animal control director or any animal control officer, engaged in an activity or existing in a condition prohibited by this title or any other activity or condition otherwise prohibited by state law or regulation, shall be taken and impounded at the Amador County animal shelter or at such other place as may be approved by the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.020 Duration.

A.    All impounded animals shall be kept in the animal shelter for at least the minimum periods set forth by law, including without limitation Food and Agricultural Code Sections 31108 (stray dogs), 31752 (stray cats), 31752.5 (stray cats), 31753 (other impounded species allowed to be kept as personal property), and 31754 (owner-relinquished animals) unless redeemed, adopted or released to a nonprofit animal rescue or adoption organization within such period.

B.    Any impounded animal that is of a type referred to in Food and Agricultural Code Section 17003 shall be kept in the animal shelter for at least three days.  If the animal is a bovine animal and is not redeemed, it shall be turned over to the secretary of the Department of Agriculture for disposition by that office.  (Ord. 1494 §1(part), 2000:  Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.030 Redemption.

Except as provided in Section 8.16.035 of this chapter, the owner of any animal impounded may, at any time before the disposition thereof, redeem the same by paying all proper fees and charges accrued as provided for by this title; provided, however, that:

A.    If the animal is one that is subject to a license herein, the licensing requirements must be satisfied before the animal's release;

B.    An impounded cat must be vaccinated against rabies prior to release or the person to whom the animal is released must provide evidence that the animal has a medically current vaccination against rabies with an antirabies vaccine approved by the State Health Department, administered by a veterinarian or provided through county recognized vaccination clinics; and

C.    In addition to all other fees and fines provided for elsewhere in this title, the owner of a nonspayed or unneutered dog or cat shall (1) pay thirty-five dollars the first time it is impounded, (2) pay fifty dollars the second time it is impounded, and (3) either have the dog or cat spayed or neutered prior to release from the animal shelter or pay a fee of one hundred fifty dollars the third and subsequent times it is impounded.  (Ord. 1494 §1(part), 2000:  Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.035 Limitations on redemption.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 8.16.030 of this chapter if an animal has been impounded because of a violation of Section 8.08.040 of this title or any other provision of state law or regulation relating to cruelty to or improper treatment of animals, such impounded animal shall not be released for redemption unless and until, in addition to the requirements set forth in Section 8.16.030, the owner of such animal demonstrates to the reasonable satisfaction of the animal control director that the conditions which led to the impoundment of the animal have been remedied.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.040 Disposition of impounded animals.

A.    No live animal may be sold or otherwise disposed of for the purpose of experimentation or medical research.

B.    Notwithstanding any other provision of this title to the contrary, an impounded animal that is determined by the animal control director or the director's designee to constitute a public health hazard may be destroyed, quarantined, or otherwise disposed of as ordered by the animal control director.  (Ord. 1494 §1(part), 2000:  Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.050 Fees.

Animal control personnel shall charge and collect all fees established from time to time by resolution of the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.16.060 Absence of liability.

No liability shall be incurred for the disposition of any animal made pursuant to the provisions of this title.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).


    For statutory authority empowering counties to maintain, regulate, and govern public pounds, see Gov. Code §25802.