Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Quarantine.

8.20.020    Delivery of carcass.

8.20.030    Epidemics.

8.20.040    Vaccination--Required.

8.20.050    Vaccination--Certificate.

8.20.010 Quarantine.

A.    The animal control director shall ensure that all animals falling into the following categories shall be isolated or quarantined at the place and under the conditions prescribed by the health officer and pertinent state laws and regulations:

1.    Known rabid animals;

2.    Suspect rabid animals;

3.    Animals that have bitten or otherwise exposed a human to rabies;

4.    Animals, of a species subject to rabies, which have been bitten by a known rabid or suspected rabid animal or have been in intimate contact with a rabid or suspected rabid animal.

B.    It is unlawful for the owner or keeper of an animal to violate any of the conditions of isolation or quarantine prescribed by the health officer.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.20.020 Delivery of carcass.

Upon the death of any rabid animal, clinically suspected rabid animal, or animal which has bitten or otherwise exposed a human to rabies, the animal control director or any animal control officer shall obtain and turn over to the health officer or the health officer's designee the carcass of said animal or an adequate specimen thereof.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.20.030 Epidemics.

The health officer may determine and declare that a rabies epidemic or other unusually dangerous health situation exists among dogs or other animals in the county, or in any part thereof, including incorporated cities within the county.  Upon making such a declaration, the health officer shall prepare and promulgate, with the approval of the board of supervisors, such rules and regulations as are necessary for the conduct of all persons within the area where the dangerous condition exists and such rules and regulations as are necessary for the control of the dogs and other animals within said area.  These rules and regulations of the health officer may include, but are not limited to, quarantine, vaccination, and destruction of diseased or suspected or stray animals by humane methods.  It shall be the duty of the animal control director to comply with all directives of the health officer in the enforcement of such rules and regulations.  A violation of any of such rules or regulations shall be a violation of this title.  (Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.20.040 Vaccination--Required.

A.    Every dog or cat over four months of age shall have a medically current vaccination with an antirabies vaccine approved by the State Health Department.  Such vaccination shall be administered by a veterinarian or as provided through county recognized vaccination clinics.

B.    Every person who owns or comes to own an unvaccinated dog or cat shall have ten days in which to comply with the provisions of this section.

C.    Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary herein, no dog or cat need be vaccinated for rabies where:

1.    A licensed veterinarian has examined the dog or cat and certified at such time that a vaccination would endanger the animal's health because of physiological reasons; and

2.    Such certificate is presented to the health officer or the health officer's designee with five days of such examination; and

3.    The health officer (or his/her designee) concurs in the opinion of the veterinarian, contained in such certificate, and endorses on such certificate his/her approval thereof.  Such certificate must bear the date of issuance and must be renewed each year.  (Ord. 1494 §1(part), 2000:  Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).

8.20.050 Vaccination--Certificate.

Every veterinarian after vaccinating a dog or cat for rabies shall issue a certificate to the owner.  The certificate shall include the following information:

A.    The owner's full name, address, and telephone number;

B.    The vaccination tag number;

C.    The breed, age, sex, and color or markings of the animal;

D.    A statement that provides: "This certifies that the dog or cat described herein was vaccinated against rabies with a rabies vaccination approved by the State Department of Health";

E.    The signature of the veterinarian administering the vaccination, or the veterinarian's agent; and

F.    The date of the vaccination and date of renewal.  (Ord. 1494 §1(part), 2000:  Ord. 1436 §1(part), 1997).