Chapter 9.04


9.04.010    When labor required.

9.04.020    Appointment of guard.

9.04.030    Responsibility for prisoners.

9.04.040    Work procedure.

9.04.050    Clothing and food.

9.04.060    Determination by sheriff or board.

9.04.070    Good time credits.

9.04.010 When labor required.

All male prisoners confined in the county jail under a final judgment of imprisonment rendered in a criminal action or proceedings or as a condition of probation after suspension of imposition or execution of sentence may be required to perform labor on the public works or ways in the county and clerical and menial labor in the county jail as hereinafter provided, with the exception that no prisoner shall be required to so labor who, in the opinion of the sheriff, is physically unfit therefor, or who might employ such means to effect his escape from custody.  (Ord. 374 §1, 1965).

9.04.020 Appointment of guard.

Whenever there are, in the judgment of the sheriff, two or more prisoners in the county jail subject to such labor, as provided in Section 9.04.010 hereof, and the sheriff or the board of supervisors determines that the labor of said prisoners can be used on some public works or ways in the county, such as, but not restricted to the collecting and disposing of refuse along the public roads and highways, the sheriff or the board may appoint some suitable and responsible person as a guard for said prisoners to supervise their work.  Said guard shall be under the direct supervision of the authority appointing him and shall have complete control of said prisoners and supervision over their work in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.  (Ord. 1072 §2, 1985).

9.04.030 Responsibility for prisoners.

It is made the duty of said guard to receive from the sheriff on each and every morning during any period when labor is ordered performed under this chapter, either by the sheriff or the board, all the prisoners compelled to labor under its provisions, and it is made the duty of the sheriff so to deliver said prisoners to said guard.  The guard shall be responsible for the safekeeping and custody of said prisoners from the time they are delivered into his custody until they are returned to the county jail.  No prisoner shall be taken out by said guard or be required to perform labor on Sundays or legal holidays or at any time when, in the opinion of the sheriff, the weather is so inclement as to be detrimental to the health of such prisoners.  (Ord. 374 §3, 1965).

9.04.040 Work procedure.

The guard shall call for and receive said prisoners who may be required to labor as herein provided not later than eight-thirty a.m. in the forenoon of each day and shall provide for their prompt conveyance to the place of labor and compel them to labor continuously from the time of their arrival thereat, except for one hour at noon for rest and lunch, to such hour of cessation from labor as will permit their return to the county jail at an hour not earlier than four forty-five p.m. and not later than five p.m., at which cessation said guard shall so return said prisoners; provided, that labor may be discontinued during periods of inclement weather at the option of said guard.  (Ord. 374 §4, 1965).

9.04.050 Clothing and food.

The sheriff shall provide said prisoners with sufficient suitable food for lunch and with clothing suitable for said work of such distinctive character as the sheriff may in his discretion deem proper.  (Ord. 374 §5, 1965).

9.04.060 Determination by sheriff or board.

The labor herein provided for shall be performed at such place or places as is provided by law and determined from time to time by the sheriff or board, and in such manner as the sheriff or board may from time to time direct.  (Ord. 374 §6, 1965).

9.04.070 Good time credits.

Prisoners required to labor shall not receive monetary compensation for their labor under this chapter, but they shall be eligible for good time credits pursuant to Sections 4018, 4018.1 and 4019 of the Penal Code of the state.  Any prisoner who is required to labor as herein provided and who refuses or fails to give a cheerful and willing obedience to the provisions of this chapter shall not receive good time credits for which he would otherwise be eligible.  (Ord. 501 §11, 1974:  Ord. 374 §7, 1965).