Chapter 9.30


9.30.010    Authority.

9.30.020    Bingo conducted by authorized organizations.

9.30.030    Compliance with penal code required.

9.30.010 Authority.

This chapter is enacted pursuant to the authority of California Penal Code Section 326.5.  (Ord. 964 §1, 1983).

9.30.020 Bingo conducted by authorized organizations.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 9.28 of this code, all organizations authorized by Penal Code Section 326.5 are authorized to conduct bingo games within the unincorporated area of Amador County.  (Ord. 964 §2, 1983).

9.30.030 Compliance with penal code required.

All authorized organizations conducting bingo games pursuant to this chapter shall do so in strict compliance with Penal Code Section 326.5.  (Ord. 964 §3, 1983).