Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Erection of stop signs.

10.16.020    Compliance required.

10.16.030    Erection of zone signs.

10.16.040    Through streets--Designated.

10.16.050    Through streets--Stop required.

10.16.060    Red Corral Road--Highway No. 88--Stops required.

10.16.070    Red Corral Road--Stop sign erection.

10.16.010 Erection of stop signs.

The board of supervisors by resolution designate and describe any street, road or highway or a portion thereof as a through street or any inter section of roads, streets or highways as an intersection which vehicles are required to stop at one or more entrances thereto, the county road commissioner shall erect and maintain stop signs on each and every street intersecting such through street or portion thereof so designated and at those entrances of other intersections where a stop is required.  Every such sign shall conform with and shall be placed as provided by the Vehicle Code of the state.  (Ord. 274 §1, 1953).

10.16.020 Compliance required.

When stop signs are erected as provided in Section 10.16.010 at the entrance to any intersection, every driver of a vehicle shall stop as required by the Vehicle Code.  (Ord. 274 §2, 1953).

10.16.030 Erection of zone signs.

Whenever the board designates any portion of any street or road or highway as a special zone such as a school, hospital or other zone by resolution, the county road commission shall erect and maintain at the entrance to said zone, appropriate signs advising the traveling public of the type of zone.  Every such sign shall conform with and shall be placed as provided by the Vehicle Code of the state.  (Ord. 274 §3A, 1953).

10.16.040 Through streets--Designated.

The following roads, highways and streets are designated as through highways and boulevards within the meaning of Section 600 of the California Vehicle Code:

A.    The State Highway 49 from the Cosumnes River to the Mokelumne River;

B.    The State Highway 88 from the San Joaquin County line to and including the continuation thereof in the city of Jackson, and the State Highway 88 from said city of Jackson to the Alpine County line;

C.    State Highway 124 from State Highway 88 to the intersection with State Highway 16;

D.    The State Highway 16 from the Sacramento County line near Carbondale to its intersection of said State Highway with the State Highway 49 at the Central House;

E.    The State Highway 104 from the Sacramento County line near Carbondale to its intersection with State Highway 88; and that portion from State Highway 88 to State Highway 49 commonly referred to as Ridge County Road;

F.    Fiddletown and Shake Ridge County roads from Shenandoah Road near the eastern boundary of the city of Plymouth to State Highway 88 in Amador County, and which county roads pass through the town of Fiddletown, formerly Oleta;

G.    The Jackson Valley County road from Old Stockton County Road easterly to a junction with State Highway 88, which junction is about three miles east of Buena Vista.  (Ord. 1207 §2, 1989).

10.16.050 Through streets--Stop required.

All vehicles are required to be brought to a full stop before entering or crossing the highways or boulevards described in Section 10.16.040 as provided in Section 21354 of the California Vehicle Code.  (Ord. 1207 §4, 1989).

10.16.060 Red Corral Road--Highway No. 88--Stops required.

All vehicular traffic entering the Red Corral Road, F.A.S. 951, from its intersection with State Highway No. 88 to the North Fork of the Mokolumne River, shall stop before entering the nearest crosswalk, or if none, at a limit line when marked, otherwise before entering said Red Corral Road.  (Ord. 239 §1, 1948).

10.16.070 Red Corral Road--Stop sign erection.

There shall be erected at the entrance of each road intersecting with said Red Corral Road, facing vehicular traffic entering said road, a stop sign of the type and kind required by the Vehicle Code of the state.  (Ord. 239 §2, 1948).


    For statutory provisions authorizing local authorities to designate the direction of traffic as one-way over highways within their jurisdiction, see Veh. Code §21657.