Chapter 10.44


10.44.010    Authority for chapter.

10.44.020    Definitions.

10.44.030    Permit requirement.

10.44.040    Permit application form.

10.44.060    Standards for permit issuance.

10.44.070    Penalties for violations.

10.44.010 Authority for chapter.

The authority for the enactment of this chapter is contained in Section 35780, et seq., of the California Vehicle Code.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).

10.44.020 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the terms enumerated below shall have the following definitions:

A.    "CalTrans" means the California Department of Transportation.

B.    "Department" means the Amador County department of public works.

C.    "Director" means the Amador County director of public works.

D.    "Permit" means a special permit issued by the department authorizing the applicant to do any of the things described in California Vehicle Code Section 35780, subsection (a), and Vehicle Code Section 35780.5, which sections generally deal with the movement of vehicles and/or equipment with loads and/or configurations not otherwise permitted under the California Vehicle Code.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).

10.44.030 Permit requirement.

With respect to highways under the jurisdiction of the county, the department may, in its discretion, and upon application, issue a permit for activities described in Vehicle Code Sections 35780(a) and 35780.5.  No person may conduct or allow to be conducted any of said activities upon any highway under the jurisdiction of the county without first obtaining a permit therefor as provided in this chapter.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).

10.44.040 Permit application form.

The application form for a permit shall be in the standard form prescribed by CalTrans, which shall conform to the requirements set forth in Vehicle Code Section 35781.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).

10.44.060 Standards for permit issuance.

Permits issued under this chapter shall conform to standards and conditions established by CalTrans, as well as such additional standards and conditions, if any, adopted by the department and established by resolution of the county board of supervisors.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).

10.44.070 Penalties for violations.

Any person convicted of a violation of the terms and provisions of a permit issued as provided in this chapter, or any person conducting any of the activities for which a permit would be required under this chapter without first obtaining a permit, shall be punished in the manner described in Vehicle Code Section 35784.  As of the date of enactment of this chapter, said section provides for a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding six months, or both such fine and imprisonment.  (Ord. 1241 §1(part), 1990).