Chapter 12.40


12.40.010    Adoption.

12.40.020    Adoption by cities authorized.

12.40.030    Numbering system basis designated.

12.40.040    Maps.

12.40.050    Road names.

12.40.060    Administration of provisions.

12.40.070    Display of numbers.

12.40.080    Legal description of property not affected.

12.40.090    Violation--Penalty.

12.40.010 Adoption.

The uniform property numbering system as set forth in this chapter is adopted for the unincorporated area of the county.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.020 Adoption by cities authorized.

Any city within the county may adopt and incorporate the uniform property numbering system as developed by the county.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.030 Numbering system basis designated.

The basis for the uniform property numbering system shall be a point of origin which shall be the intersection of a west base line and a south base line.  The west base line shall run due north and south to include the westernmost territory of the county.  The south base line shall run due east and west to include the southernmost territory of the county.  Index lines shall run parallel with their respective base lines at one-mile intervals.  Numbers shall be assigned along each base line in increasing magnitude in easterly and northerly directions in accordance with the distance from the point of origin.  One thousand numbers shall be assigned to each mile along each base line.  For the purpose of determining the proper number for a particular location, the number assigned shall be proportioned to the distance of the location from its adjoining index lines and shall be in sequence with numbers established on adjacent properties.  On all streets and roads, the numbers on the north side and the west side shall be odd numbers and the numbers on the south side and the east side shall be even numbers.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.040 Maps.

A.    Master Grid Index Map.  A master grid index map or maps shall be adopted by resolution of the board of supervisors showing the point of origin, base lines and index lines.  The map or maps shall become effective on adoption by the board.

B.    Sub-index Grid Maps.  Sub-index maps shall be prepared by the county surveyor showing details of precisely numbered areas.  These maps shall then be maintained as necessary by the county surveyor to designate the numbers and location of numbers assigned to particular buildings.  These maps shall become effective on completion or revision by the county surveyor.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.050 Road names.

All streets and roads, whether public or private, whether dedicated or not, and county highways (all hereinafter referred to as "roads") shall be named pursuant to this section and such roads shall be known by the name assigned.  No road shall be deemed officially named unless it has been approved by the board of supervisors by order duly made and reflected in its minutes or by resolution.  All official names existing on the effective date of this chapter shall remain the same until changed according to law including this chapter.  The public works department shall maintain a list of all road names so approved or in existence and shall certify to the board of supervisors that no name submitted for approval duplicates or so closely approximates an existing name as to cause confusion.  The public works department shall initiate a program to name officially all existing roads for which no name has been officially assigned and shall cause any future roads to be officially named.  Where unofficial road names exist or are commonly used on the effective date of this chapter they may continue to be used and the public works department shall initiate their official naming; provided that they are not in conflict with existing official names.  Where a public hearing is required to officially name, or change the name of a road, the public works department shall initiate such a hearing before the board of supervisors.  No subdivisions or division of land shall be approved until all the roads therein or contiguous thereto have been officially named by the board of supervisors after initiation by the public works department.  A road may bear one name for its entire length; or where a road changes direction by ninety degrees a different name may be adopted for such changed direction to facilitate its numbering.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.060 Administration of provisions.

The uniform property numbering system shall be initiated, continued, operated and maintained by the county surveyor and all numbers assigned shall be in accordance with this chapter.  The fee charged by the county surveyor for issuing each new address, changing an existing address name, or issuing each new road name shall be as established by resolution of the board of supervisors.  It shall be the duty of the building department to require the installation of numbers as required by this chapter prior to the issuance of a final inspection permit on any new construction completed after the effective date of sub-index maps for the area in which the construction is taking place.  (Ord. 1628 §2(part), 2005).

12.40.070 Display of numbers.

After the effective date of any sub-index map, or revision thereof, the county surveyor shall give written notice to the owner or occupant of buildings or land which are assigned, or reassigned numbers pursuant to this chapter, which notice shall contain the new number assigned.  Written notice may be given by posting, personal delivery or first class mail.  Notice for new construction shall be given to the building department which shall require display of the number prior to the issuance of a final inspection permit.  Within thirty days after the county surveyor has given notice, the owner or occupant of the building or property shall cause the number to be displayed horizontally on the building or land in such manner as to be visible from the street or road on which the building or land fronts and shall remove or obscure from public view any old or previous numbers not in accordance with this chapter; provided, however, that where buildings are removed a considerable distance from any public street or road, such number shall be displayed at the entrance of any roadway or driveway leading to such building; provided further, that in rural areas where rural free delivery of mail is provided, the number may be displayed horizontally upon receptacles designed for the delivery of mail where the receptacle is in the proximity of the roadway or driveway leading to the building.  Numbers shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner so as to remain readable.  Numbers displayed shall be a minimum height of three inches, shall not exceed a maximum height of one foot, a minimum of two feet six inches above ground, and not to exceed eight feet unless approved by the board of supervisors, and shall be of a contrasting color from the basic background.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.080 Legal description of property not affected.

The adoption and implementation of this chapter shall in no manner affect the legal description of any property.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).

12.40.090 Violation--Penalty.

Any person, either owner or occupant, firm, partnership, copartnership, corporation, whether as principal, agent or employee, failing or refusing to display any assigned number or displaying or permitting to be displayed a number not assigned, or removing or failing to maintain an assigned number shall be guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars for a first violation, a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars for a second violation within one year and a fine not exceeding two hundred fifty dollars for each additional violation within one year.  Each day of a violation of this chapter shall constitute an additional and separate offense.  (Ord. 656 §1(part), 1978).