Chapter 17.04


17.04.010    Purpose.

17.04.020    Intent.

17.04.010 Purpose.

For the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare; the design, improvement and survey data of subdivision, and the form and content of tentative, record of survey and final maps thereof; and the procedure to be followed in securing official approval thereof shall be governed by the provisions of the aforesaid acts adopted by the Legislature of the state of California, and by the additional provisions of this title, and shall comply with the provisions of the general plan and zoning ordinance.  (Ord. 375 §2.1, 1965).

17.04.020 Intent.

It is the purpose of this title to encourage new concepts and innovations in the arrangement of building sites within subdivisions.  Deviations from the traditional mechanical approach to the subdivision of land are encouraged in order to facilitate the ultimate development of the land in a manner that will be commensurate with contemporary living patterns and technological progress.  (Ord. 375 §2.2, 1965).


    For statutory provisions defining subdivisions and subdivided lands, see Bus. & Prof. Code §11000 et seq. and Gov. Code § 66424.